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    baleful - Dictionary definition and meaning for word baleful

    (adj) deadly or sinister
    Synonyms : baneful
    Example Sentence
    • the Florida eagles have a fierce baleful look
    (adj) threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
    Example Sentence
    • a baleful look
    • forbidding thunderclouds
    • his tone became menacing
    • ominous rumblings of discontent
    • sinister storm clouds
    • a sinister smile
    • his threatening behavior
    • ugly black clouds
    • the situation became ugly
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for baleful

when we pronounce this word this word sounds simillar to word painful........and anything painful is always a result of an evil act

BALEFUL.....remind yourself of christian bale.....in The Dark Knight.....the movie immediately reminds you of Joker....the BALEFUL joker!!

Baleful ~ bail+ful; when any dangerous convict gets out of jail taking bail, he could be threatening

Baleful = Bal + ful. Bal means hair ful means lots of it. Assume a person with unruly long hair.... he naturally seems threatening and intimidating to others... hence BALEFUL.

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In the cricket ground, throwing bale is baleful for batsman.

When the "jail" is "full", it is threatening. So baleful means threatening

we put alarming bells indicating fire..

Tottenham Hotspurs' Gareth BALE is always 'BALEFUL' to the opposition with his deadly pace and clinical finishing.

if you know the game diablo its easy to remember. Bale is another big EVIL who is diablo's brother.

Think of cartoons, when a cartoon character is FRIGHTENED or THREATENED it become pale...white in color

u can think of a person who is requesting a bale( in court).......obviously who is asking bale will be sinister and threatning....and every inch of him shows evil.....

In the Bible, the harmful and sinister God BAAL and his prophets, are defeated by Elijah the Prophet.

we can remember this word as balaful= filled with bala(problem)

bale in telugu means lizard if there are ful bales then its symbol of evil

lets BAIL after a FULTOO job

think of "bale":cotton bale when you use up BALEFUL of cotton it indicates that something EVIL,MALIGNANT has happened

It can be taken as Bail-E-ful in which the central big "E" stands for Evil and looks with evil eyes towards us

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