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(noun) state of disgrace resulting from detestable behavior Definition
(noun) hate coupled with disgust
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for odium

ODIUM rhymes with PODIUM. Podium means stage and I have a stage fear and therefore I detest going on the stage.

odium sounds very close to podium(a stage type of thing)-well standing on podium when politician delivers speech against their opponents ..it fills us with odium.

if we take "opium" people will hate us and look at us with disgust

od+i+u +(m)...i dislike you as you as your thoughts are very odd.

we say "odi-yamma" in hatred...!!!

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odium sounds lyk odion theatre in hyderabd...afta the bomb blast in dat theatre its reputation has been lost hence disrepute

Odium, sounds like "Odu". In tamil language "Odu" means "Run". So we run away from things we detest

odi( ran in tamil) um(lovers) are arousing strong dislike; hateful by parents

bad odor from a person will make u hate him and be disgusted by the smell


(adj) intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
Example Sentence
  • an interfering old woman
  • bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself
  • busy about other people's business
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for officious

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OFFICIOUS,the first part of the word sounds similar to office. Imagine a government office where people poke their nose in other's affairs, they are INTERFERING.

Offi(in offices)+cious(curious).. in offices ppl vl be curious for promotions so they vil be pushy in offering services

excessive eagerness to do OFFicial work of OFFering service or advice..

In an office, people are always poking into (meddling with) others affairs, in a irritating manner.

Imagine a police OFFICER that was so OFFICIOUS on the highway he made a car stop for several hours

Off-ish in the office = because they're pushy with their services to get a promotion

read off as offering and cious as service so one hu offer his service

inclined towards making our mood off - OFFIng eaCh and every 1 Of US


(noun) a political system governed by a few people
Example Sentence
  • one of his cardinal convictions was that Britain was not run as a democracy but as an oligarchy
  • the big cities were notoriously in the hands of the oligarchy of local businessmen
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for oligarchy

oligo basically means a few people.. as used in oligopoly..

In line with Anarchy Monarchy and Oligoarchy (Oligo means few), matriarchy(run by a women) and patriarchy(run by a man)

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like anarchy...run by few people

Because an oligarchy is usually corrupt and operates in the dark, we could say it was OILY-DARKLY

it sounds like ONLY archy...means only e few...!!!

Kraft food makes olios(cookies) which are so popular, the cookie family was elected to rule canada.

oligo = 0 log = 0 people or a few

monarchy and oligarchy,archy is common in same so easy to remember.

oligarchy - oli(lean in tamil) will control small group.


(adj) threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
Example Sentence
  • a baleful look
  • forbidding thunderclouds
  • his tone became menacing
  • ominous rumblings of discontent
  • sinister storm clouds
  • a sinister smile
  • his threatening behavior
  • ugly black clouds
  • the situation became ugly
(adj) presaging ill fortune
Synonyms : ill inauspicious
Example Sentence
  • ill omens
  • ill predictions
  • my words with inauspicious thunderings shook heaven
  • a dead and ominous silence prevailed
  • a by-election at a time highly unpropitious for the Government
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ominous

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maruti OMNI.....it is a threating car usually used by kidnappers.

"omen+ious", Remember the movie "omen" the horror movie

ominous..oh+minus(-)..oh god everything negative..something bad is going to occur..its threatening

Think O(all)+Minous(minus)=everything is being minus,,,its dangerous!!

Ominous feeling that he will score in minus

omni bus will make ous unpleasant in travel and feel bad about road accidents.

"Ominous" slightly rhymes with "menace". Both have the same meaning: "threatening"


(adj) not easily borne; wearing
Synonyms : burdensome taxing
Example Sentence
  • the burdensome task of preparing the income tax return
  • my duties weren't onerous; I only had to greet the guests
  • a taxing schedule
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for onerous

it sounds like on+er+us..that is ONUS.. when something is ON US ..we feel burdensome

Onerous= one+rous. If u assign much work on ONE person it will be ONErous for him

onerous....can be associated wid owners on us...who r trouble some

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onerous = sound like owner = when they come to collect the rent you feel always burdensome.

one-rassi.. a lot of things hanging from one string.. so becomes burdensome..

This sounds like generous.... Which is not easy!!!

The asses complain: "Our OWNER always put burden on US."

OWNED US - like losing badly in a game of basketball

Owner are burden Us

one-rous in hindi one is 'ek' rous sounds like rasta i.e a path.. so dere is only " ek rasta" means one way out of difficult situation and it requires lot of effort bcoz its very tough....

The burden is tied ON OUR ASS.

Owner(PM) will be on us if we dont complete the assigned task in time. We may nt have completed bcoz it requires much effort and is difficult.

think as owner.. becoming an owner is a difficult task and involves more effort


(noun) using words that imitate the sound they denote
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for onomatopoeia

oh no maa! top(cannon in hindi) fire aaya : dishdhambush

oh no maa...mei top aaya..."yahoo" "hurray" "yipee"...!!!

On+mat+o+piepe and saying yahooo


(noun) a sudden and severe onset of trouble Definition
(noun) (military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons)
Synonyms : attack onrush onset
Example Sentence
  • the attack began at dawn
(noun) the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)
Example Sentence
  • a barrage of questions
  • a bombardment of mail complaining about his mistake
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for onslaught

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onslaught...divide it like..on+slaught(ER)...SO if you slaughter somebody or something on the spot..YOU ARE FIERCELY ATTCKING THEM.

it is taken from..on+slaught...is derived from slēan means to strike ..so strike sombody with a knife...means to kill or fiercely atcking.

If u have played unreal 2004 u would know it has a gametype ONSLAUGHT meaning a violent attack

Onslaught of a slaughterer


(noun) an onerous or difficult concern
Example Sentence
  • the burden of responsibility
  • that's a load off my mind
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for onus

ON-US you are ON US ie. you are a BURDEN on me.

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The patient cut his nas, onus is on the nurse

Onus also means "blame". Remember whatever wrong happens in this world the BLAME GOES ON U.S(United States). Blame = onUS(onus)

onus sounds like owner.. he is always responsible

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