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    impromptu - Dictionary definition and meaning for word impromptu

    (noun) an extemporaneous speech or remark
    Example Sentence
    • a witty impromptu must not sound premeditated
    (noun) a short musical passage that seems to have been made spontaneously without advance preparation Definition
    (adj) with little or no preparation or forethought
    Example Sentence
    • his ad-lib comments showed poor judgment
    • an extemporaneous piano recital
    • an extemporary lecture
    • an extempore skit
    • an impromptu speech
    • offhand excuses
    • trying to sound offhanded and reassuring
    • an off-the-cuff toast
    • a few unrehearsed comments
    (adv) without advance preparation
    Example Sentence
    • he spoke ad lib
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impromptu

just remember prompt of in[promptu] that's it

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IM PROMPT(ing) U the answer because u came to the exam WITHOUT PREVIOUS PREPARATION

im(in-without)-prompt-u i.e. without prompting, u answer which is extemporaneous or spontaneous.

when we tell some lie at home and suddenly our friend comes their, we do not need to prompt him about telling lie and handling the situation. He does not have to be told about it or has to come prepared for it. Friends can handle.

U "Prompt" "Im"mediately without preparation

Word used in video below:
text: have to refer to my impromptu
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