mitigate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mitigate

(verb) lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
Synonyms : extenuate , palliate
Example Sentence
  • The circumstances extenuate the crime
(verb) make less severe or harsh
Example Sentence
  • mitigating circumstances

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Mitigate > "Gate pe kutte ki potty pe mitti daal do" why? so that the intensity of bad odour will lessen.
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think of MITIGATE as COLGATE(toothpaste).Use of COLGATE lessen or try to lessen the extent of germs in our teeth. Use of MITIGATE will also lessen or try lessen the extent of [depends on your usage :)}]
35        6
mitigate -> MIT + i + gate... when you reach the gates of MIT.. your tensions about PG admissions will be appeased/mitigated!!
9        3
there should me less "mitti" on gate,so mitigate means -to lessen
8        12
some how sounds to me like midget.. i.e. small person and can be considered to have less strength (force)...
5        18
to lessen "mitti" in our house,"mitti" "gate" ke bahar kar do. Therefore MITIGATE - to lessen MITTI by throwing it out of GATE.
4        2
The opposition layer was mitigating the evidence. The chances of winning the case was lessen.
1        2
if u r preparing for gate exam and feeling make your tension eat some meeti like cadbury to REDUCE(MAKE LESS SEVERE) the tension..mitigate..!!
1        1
Mitti ke gate par bike takrane se gate kamjor ho gaya
0        1
money has been vanishing slowly but constantly(DECREASING) who's PURSE of guy, having shopping with his girlfriend, decreasing = MITIGATING = reducing slowly
0        4
MINI GATE - only smaller, less intense things can pass through
0        1
Mit-Mighti.e,Harshness Gate-To stop, TO stop harshness and to easen one's pain
0        1
Sodium ChlorATE (bleach) will mitigATE a stain on clothes
0        1
mitigate = he is atanding in the gate with miti i.e is sweet to make leesen the quarrel between us.
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gate ke andhar mitti nahi hona chahiye
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