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Short Definition : opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed; action made to produce a future advantage

(noun) an opening remark intended to secure an advantage for the speaker
Synonyms : ploy

(noun) a maneuver in a game or conversation
Synonyms : ploy , stratagem

(noun) a chess move early in the game in which the player sacrifices minor pieces in order to obtain an advantageous position
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gambit

gambit - remember GAMBIR who is the OPENING batsman... gambit is opening in chess
38       0

by the suspect

GAMBIT > In a GAMe you have to GAMBle a BIT to win!
30       4

by avinav

Think of gautham GAMBHIR...he always takes risks and achieves an advantage
3       1

by nikki123

he gambled for now for future advantage
2       1

by maheshv

Gambit="game"+"bit"(beat)==to beat someone in a game(chess) you need to find the openings
1       0

by somabrata

GAMBIT == GAMe BaIT -- Game Bait : Bait given in a game (sacrifice for future gain)
1       0

by ilarum

'Game''beat' means beating in game by gambit
0       0

by FBK

Don't u remember King's Gambit in which a Bishop is sacrificed
0       0

by tapobratabag

Starting the "Game" a "Bit" weekly
0       0

by melancholica


Short Definition : romp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic; N.

(noun) gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
Synonyms : caper , frolic , play , romp
Example Sentence
  • it was all done in play
  • their frolic in the surf threatened to become ugly

(verb) play boisterously
Example Sentence
  • The children frolicked in the garden
  • the gamboling lambs in the meadows
  • The toddlers romped in the playroom

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gambol

gambol : game-ball, in a football game you have to skip the ball playfully because if you don't do it the opposite player will tackle you quickly.
43       1

by it's_me

gambol rhymes with gamble (gambling) de game of gambling is played in a highly spirited fashion by a set of ppl. SYN:cavort,curvet,caper,frolic,disport, frisk,lark,play,rollick,romp,skylark
6       2

by imajeeth

Those who gamble and win skip about playfully, frolic.
6       1

by Marise

GAM(despair,sadness in hindi)+BHOOL(forget) order to forget your sadness you should have a playful frolic
3       0

by nileshdive

In Las Vegas The adults GAMBLE while the children GAMBOL
2       0

by Lukas

Think of Gameboy, a light-hearted lesuire play as well as one can play boisteriously too if the game is too exciting
0       4

by wsquare

all have seen movie which govida was full of playful and joyus.
0       0

by gdabli


Short Definition : in a spirited manner; with courage; Ex. fight gamely against a superior boxer; ADJ. game

(adv) in a plucky manner
Example Sentence
  • he was seen by a shepherd, gamely negotiating a particularly tricky section of the mountain road to San Doloroso

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gamely

pronounced as Bret Lee plays the game in a spirited manner.
7       0

by imajeeth

Bruce LEE plays the GAME of martial arts gamely
2       0

by nic42991

when you say I am game, that means that you are ready to indulge in a even t or any game completely in a spirited manner.
2       0

by cp.jethani

when you r playing a game in needs lot of COURAGE AND effort to win.and if you lie down(gamELY).u will lose
0       0

by gdabli


Short Definition : entire range

(noun) a complete extent or range:
Example Sentence
  • a face that expressed a gamut of emotions

(noun) the entire scale of musical notes
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gamut

Gamut=From gamma to theta ,the entire range.
65       3

by rakei

GA Mut (don't sing) because range of your vocal cords is abysmally low.
36       9

by amit251285

related to gau mut...Cow (gaay in hindi) + pee (mutr in hindi) contain all type of minerals
9       5

by mahaveerjain

telugu gamut=ga mati means that land ie entire range
1       0

by ragha4u

A game shop has gamut of all the games and toys.
1       0

by nupur10000

the P.T. master told the boys " ur game ll held at the back ground. dont come to other place and play. tat area is ur RANGE" GAME AT UR RANGE
0       4

by arulmozhi

GONE GREEN and when does one go BLUE-green only after an injury....:)
0       7

by yogeshagarwala


Short Definition : decay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply (usually following injury); ADJ. gangrenous

(noun) necrotic tissue; a mortified or gangrenous part or mass
Synonyms : slough , sphacelus

(noun) the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)
(verb) undergo necrosis
Synonyms : mortify , necrose , sphacelate
Example Sentence
  • the tissue around the wound necrosed

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gangrene

gan(GUN)+grene(GREEN) if you are shot by a gun and if your leg or hand gets injured and if you donot take any medical care, the wound turns blue..GREEN...AND THAT IS HOW YOU DEVELOP GANGRENE.
17       0

by preetisoni2411

Gang Rain i.e. rain in gang means all of a sudden meaning sudden death due to very heavy rain
0       0

by RKA-CE-9910827111-Delhi


Short Definition : open widely; open the mouth wide; stare wonderingly with the mouth open; CF. agape

(noun) an expression of openmouthed astonishment
(noun) a stare of amazement (usually with the mouth open)
(verb) look with amazement; look stupidly
Synonyms : gawk , gawp , goggle

(verb) be wide open
Synonyms : yaw , yawn
Example Sentence
  • the deep gaping canyon

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gape

GAP(E) means wide open space. So gape is a wide open mouthed expression or action.
14       0

by himanshu dhumash

agape is A Gap between lips
2       0

by amit251285

GAPE = GAP ; recall the hot scene by sharon stone in basic instinct; she shows GAP b/w her legs...and u felf like..OMG, WTF...amazing...u stare like an idiot !
1       0

by rahul naam to suna hoga

Gape sounds like Rape. When you read a gang rape news you got amazed.
1       0

by abhijeetnayak

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