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Short Definition : gruesome; grisly; ghastly; CF. of death

(adj) shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
Example Sentence
  • ghastly wounds
  • the grim aftermath of the bombing
  • the grim task of burying the victims
  • a grisly murder
  • gruesome evidence of human sacrifice
  • macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle ages
  • macabre tortures conceived by madmen
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for macabre

sounds like hindi word makbara....and its made over the place where people are either buried or burnt.....and for me its a ghastly place..that I would never like to go to....

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Sounds like massacre..which means "excessive killing of many people"..and which also represents death

makbara :to move around makbara in night is a horrified act

Sounds like Nakaab (Mask). So Imagine some one came in front of you wearing a frightening mask, then you will feel gruesome!

ma+cabre...watching cabre is horrible,gruesome and disgusting.

Maha + Kabre = Kabbars are gruesome Another mnemonic can be mocambo who gives horrifying deaths to innocents

MACABRE = Ma went to cabre for money this is a horifying situation abt poverty.

look like ma + cabret. if you saw your mother doing cabret in old hindi move, it would be "horrifying" and would scar you for life :)


Short Definition : ceremonial staff used as a symbol of authority; clublike medieval weapon

(noun) (trademark) a liquid that temporarily disables a person; prepared as an aerosol and sprayed in the face, it irritates the eyes and causes dizziness and immobilization
Synonyms : chemical mace
(noun) an official who carries a mace of office
Synonyms : macebearer macer
(noun) spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed Definition
(noun) a ceremonial staff carried as a symbol of office or authority
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mace

don't mess with me otherwise i will hit you with a mace

sounds like Case- The famous CASE wherein the ceremonial staff of the president killed the latter with a club-like weapon was resolved today.

suppose a person comes and is greeted by a group of mace who have no other work to do. This person says "kya choohey (MICE) paal rakhey hain"

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mace on face


Short Definition : soften by soaking in liquid; waste away; Ex. macerate powdered wood to make paper

(verb) separate into constituents by soaking Definition
(verb) become soft or separate and disintegrate as a result of excessive soaking
Example Sentence
  • the tissue macerated in the water
(verb) soften, usually by steeping in liquid, and cause to disintegrate as a result
Example Sentence
  • macerate peaches
  • the gizzards macerates the food in the digestive system
(verb) cause to grow thin or weak
Synonyms : emaciate waste
Example Sentence
  • The treatment emaciated him
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for macerate

macerate sounds like marinate. Marinating chicken or paneer in spices and masala to make them tender. If you over do it , you will end up spoiling it !

MACERATE is like MASTICATE - we chew food, allow the glands (liquid) to soak the food.

(Macerate = Mess + rate)Mess food is hard to eat, so mess owners are doing a tact. They are providing the soft food by keeping it in liquid that results in increase of mess rate.

macerate means mice is soaked in liquid to soften and then sold at a very wasteful(waste away) prices

macerate badam and pista for making of kheer

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when u beat with mace,u will be weakened.or cut into parts,which is done when soaked..

MICE ka RATE ghatane ke liye soft paneer lagana padta hai trap mein - sookhi roti se kuch nhi hota !!

mace(make)+rate......to increase the making rate of rajma, chole we first soft these by soaking in water

mac + rates...........mac(apple laptop) are just SOAKING my pocket....and also the liquid of my body.



Short Definition : crafty; double-dealing; of the political doctrine of Machiavelli, which holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing political power

(noun) a follower of Machiavelli's principles Definition
(adj) of or relating to Machiavelli or the principles of conduct he recommended
Example Sentence
  • Machiavellian thinking
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for Machiavellian

sounds like mafia villain. A villain is always crafty and double dealing.

this word sounds like "macchi vali" means women who sell fish... and they are very crafty in doing double-dealing with people.

machilavellian(machia+vel+lian)machia=fish,vel=well,lian=lion. lion is thinking very cunningly to get the fish in the well. machia+vel+lian

Typical old hindi film 'villain' with a cigarette in his mouth and who demands 'machis' from you !


Short Definition : pastoral song; song for several singers without instruments

(noun) an unaccompanied partsong for 2 or 3 voices; follows a strict poetic form Definition
(verb) sing madrigals
Example Sentence
  • The group was madrigaling beautifully
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for madrigal

MADRIGAL rhymes with married girl..so a PASTORAL SONG was sung for the married girl.

Mad girl's will sing a song in regal theater.

all sisters singing for married girl

Madrid + gal (Skt) Gal refers to voice/throat. Madrid has a lot of population. So, Madrigal means many people singing together

Sounds like MARRIAGE GIRL....I wrote a short love poem to my girl and she became a marriage girl

madrigal: ma + d + ri + ga are swaras in music. so it's related to singing. L stands for a LOT of people. so, its a lot of people singing.

madrigal = madri (married) + gal (girl); The song sang at marriage of a girl.


Short Definition : violent whirlpool; violent or tublent situation; CF. stream

(noun) a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides)
Synonyms : vortex whirlpool
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for maelstrom

mal(= bad) strom (storm) bad storm like a whirpool

MAEL(MALE)+STROM(MEANS..stromy..violence)..so a male who brings strom into his family

a "mail storm" shot out of Harry Potters fireplace

think of a storm(comes along with rain) which destroys everything leaving confusion,destruction making it look violent...so it means a situation in which there is a great confusion,violence and destruction

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mael(male..poerful)trom(storm).....A powerful storm...whirlpool

maelstorm:(mail+storm): mails coming heavily/continiously like a storm (a flood/whirl/cyclone)

mael(male..powerful ) strom(storm)...Apowerful storm ..whirlpool

mayala(telugu) storm


Short Definition : authoritative; imperious; commanding; of a magistrate; Ex. magisterial study of Roman law; Ex. magisterial manner

(adj) of or relating to a magistrate
Example Sentence
  • official magisterial functions
(adj) offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power
Example Sentence
  • an autocratic person
  • autocratic behavior
  • a bossy way of ordering others around
  • a rather aggressive and dominating character
  • managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way
  • a swaggering peremptory manner
(adj) used of a person's appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person
Example Sentence
  • his distinguished bearing
  • the monarch's imposing presence
  • she reigned in magisterial beauty
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for magisterial


ma+is++real authority in Family


Short Definition : official with power to administer the law

(noun) a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law (especially one who conducts a court dealing with minor offenses)
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for magistrate

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Arang and the magistrate -- a good Korean drama


Short Definition : generosity; ADJ. magnanimous: generous

(noun) liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for magnanimity

magNANIMAous, NANI MA in hindi, is always "generous" to us

"magnanimity" = "magna"(magnet = attract)+"enemity" =those who attracts his enemy too ,,, are "generous , kind"

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MAGNA super market is so "generous" that its raining offers on the customers

animosity means enemity , And Ma can never show animity , she is always generous


Short Definition : person of prominence or influence; powerful or influential person (in business or industry); Ex. oil magnate

(noun) a very wealthy or powerful businessman
Example Sentence
  • an oil baron
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for magnate

like a magnet.. attracts people and hence influences..

People mistake and call this: "business magnet".

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a good business man is a MAGNET for money.

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