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Short Definition : likely to change; unstable; Ex. emotionally labile; N. lability

(adj) (chemistry, physics, biology) readily undergoing change or breakdown
(adj) liable to change
Example Sentence
  • an emotionally labile person

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for labile

LABILE it as "liable" to change,i.e UNSTABLE
53       8

by imajeeth

Label (prize tag) changes when prize increases.
13       3

by shadip

8       3


lab+oil...we have to keep oil(petrol,kerosene) in a lab coz it's unstable
3       1

by nileshdive

Labile ~ Lab-like, some thing to make innovation, change
2       2

by analaarun

laa bile...consider a person suffering from bile. people tell him "things will change, hosla rakho"
2       2

by friendofafriend

liable changed to labile ... hence it is labile or simply liable to change ...
2       1

by jainarun4u

liable changed to labile ... hence all are labile or liable to change
1       1

by jainarun4u

le abhi le (i.e. to change immediate)
1       1

by lokeshjain2008

labile sounds like bible which one change many times; so unstable
1       1

by amayet_math_du

rhymes with mobile which means change
1       0

by berkeley

Its Sounds like "Jabile" means moon in telugu dat is always change
1       0

by shiva0212


Short Definition : demanding much work or care; tedious

(adj) characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort
Example Sentence
  • worked their arduous way up the mining valley
  • a grueling campaign
  • hard labor
  • heavy work
  • heavy going
  • spent many laborious hours on the project
  • set a punishing pace

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for laborious

laborious (labour -hard working) labour percentage is more in industry so-----hard working and industrious
5       0


science labs demand much work and is a tedius job to take care of them
0       0

by friendofafriend


Short Definition : maze

(noun) complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost
Synonyms : maze

(noun) a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium
Synonyms : inner ear , internal ear

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for labyrinth

Break this word as LAB+YRIN(wiring)+'n'th. Generally in maths we use 1,2,3,4,...nth term. So statement is "There are so many(n)wires in the LAB which leads to complexion.--> which is the meaning.
21       14

by ravigre

in that LAB the way is not straight like margins in RIN soap but complex like jalebi
13       18

by hiraditya

lab+yrin(wiring)—its is complicated network of paths kind of MAZE
5       0

by nikhilparasher

labyrinth > lady + rin > A lady so desperate 2 find rin in a supermarket, she finds d huge supermarket like a 'maze'!
3       8

by avinav

laby+r+in+th— it’s a kind of a MAZE(complicated network of paths) to handle a BABY(LABY) when its IN the house
2       0

by nikhilparasher

sounds like (LABOUR+'n'TH)a path which requires much(n times) the normal LABOUR to get through
2       0

by santhosh_chakkilam

Forensic lab should be in labyrinth way especially in INDIA.....bcs scoundrel try to use RIN to remove confidential data.
1       4

by erndgupta

LAB mein dekha ki RIN mein kitne complex molecules hote hain, poora janjaal hota hai
1       2

by sukhraj

Since you were finding the clothes to be so complex to wash that felt like you were in a Maze. You bro helped "Le Bhai Rin" (Take this Rin)to get out of this Labyrinth !
1       0

by atulchhabra

labyrinth - sounds like lady-ring. Focus on a lady spider in its web... whick is like a maze of ring-like shapes!
0       1

by shalnew

Library and lab in the labyrinth of streets.
0       1

by nupur10000

dexters lab was a maze,, it ws difficult to find Didi
0       0

by anuragthegr8

LABYRINTH = lab + yr inth;
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition : cord used to draw and tie together two opposite edges (as of a shoe); delicate fabric made of fine threads; V: draw together by tying a lace

(noun) a cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment)
Synonyms : lacing

(noun) a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns
(verb) spin,wind, or twist together
Synonyms : enlace , entwine , interlace , intertwine , twine
Example Sentence
  • intertwine the ribbons
  • Twine the threads into a rope
  • intertwined hearts

(verb) make by braiding or interlacing
Synonyms : braid , plait
Example Sentence
  • lace a tablecloth

(verb) do lacework
Example Sentence
  • The Flemish women were lacing in front of the cathedral

(verb) draw through eyes or holes
Synonyms : lace up
Example Sentence
  • lace the shoelaces

(verb) add alcohol to (beverages)
Synonyms : fortify , spike
Example Sentence
  • the punch is spiked!

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lace

Shoe lace :)
0       0

by vineethyoung


Short Definition : torn ragged wound; V. lacerate: tear (the skin as with broken glass); wound

(noun) a torn ragged wound
(noun) the act of lacerating
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for laceration

sounds like laSeration...that is use of using a laser can cause a torn wound on your skin
53       4

by gre_fever

Laceration .... read it as Laser(lacer) ... Action (ation) ... when laser action is performed on ur body it is expected to cause damage like a cut or a wound ....
20       2

by prashant_616

sounds like lakeerain(lines) --lines on skin--wound
4       3

by userdce

LACE - ERRRRR (sound of tearing a lace) , hence A wound produced by tearing; the process of tearing.
4       7

by girish_ksg

lace+ration means to tear and make laces
1       1

by 1.6k realted tear-like wounds
0       0

by betsingh.

Dont tie LACE properly will fall and get wounded or hurt
0       0

by ritya


Short Definition : producing tears; tearful

(adj) showing sorrow
Synonyms : dolorous , dolourous , tearful , weeping

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lachrymose

lachrymose-lac+chry(cry)+mose(most),so when you cry most you produce 'tears'.
87       4

by swaroop_cn

Tear glands in our eyes are also known as lachrymal glands ...So they are the ones that make you cry ,sorrow ,sober
36       3

by arunvijaykg

lachRYMOSE the highlighted word rhymes with 'remorse'.so when yu are in a remorse,it means yu are in a TEARFUL state
7       3

by imajeeth

lack of something makes you lachrymose
2       5

by karishmadudani

hindi mnemonic: lachrymose: focus on the first part lachr--SOUNDS LIKE HINDI WORD LACHAR- SOME WHO IS NOT IN POSITION TO DO SOMETHING.)SO A LACHAR person SHOWS his SORROW.
1       10

by preetisoni2411

LANGRI(crippled) MOSI(aunt) is always tearful due to handicap.
1       6

by userdce

Sounds like lacking remorse...but NOT; in fact, very sad and crying alot!
1       3

by Marise

LACHRYMOSE sounds like LAGRIMAS, which means tears in Spanish
1       5

by viciousvegetable

lack times u remorse then it is tear causing
1       1

by ragha4u

lachry (ladki- girl in hindi) mose (moch- wipe out in bangla) ladki moch your tear
0       1

by ulumbush

lachrymose-imagine because you havenot buy lays for your daughter she is crying and showing sorrows and being sad
0       1

by santosh pokhrel

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