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Short Definition : stormy; violent; impassioned; N. tempest: violent storm

(adj) characterized by violent emotions or behavior
Synonyms : stormy
Example Sentence
  • a stormy argument
  • a stormy marriage

(adj) (of the elements) as if showing violent anger
Synonyms : angry , furious , raging , wild
Example Sentence
  • angry clouds on the horizon
  • furious winds
  • the raging sea

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempestuous

TEMPESTUOUS can be split as TEMP + PEST + OUS, so how will your TEMPer be if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.
42       1

by imajeeth

Tempestuous and Tumultuous have similar sounds and they both refer to turbulence or disorder.
5       5

by pushpa_edit

tempestuous can be related to tempting, if something is very tempting to us, we become violent and agitated to get it...
2       2

by anshulnirvana

guys this one is simple. tempestuous and impetuous mean the same. when a pet(dog) irritates u become impetuous or tempestuous. meaning violent and rash
2       1

by wordsmania

focus on TEMP not even (temp)orarily at rest...very stormy.originally posted by dancing shiv
0       4

by preetisoni2411

temp(temporarily)+est(sounds like rest)……now think of rakhi savant(a dancer)..when mika (her friend and singer)..kissed her..she turned violent,she got bad tempered and villified him in media,and she does it almost every month,in short she never tak
0       7

by preetisoni2411

n short she never takes rest and always makes the news.
0       2

by preetisoni2411

we all know about the play "TEMPEST"
0       5


Tempest is a violent wind or storm.... So tempestuous is violent anger
0       1

by NelsonNishanth

sounds like "time pass" + ous.. If we do time pass during exams then our parents are sure to get violet, stormy on us..
0       0

by saketagrawal123


Short Definition : speed of music

(noun) (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played
Synonyms : pacing

(noun) the rate of some repeating event
Synonyms : pace

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempo

Tempo and Go. The Tempo of the orchestra kept changing from the word Go (from the time they started)to the last piece of music they played on stage.
1       2

by pushpa_edit


Short Definition : of time; not lasting forever; limited by time; temporary; secular; worldly

(noun) the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the time of the state or action denoted by the verb
Synonyms : temporal role

(adj) not eternal
Example Sentence
  • temporal matters of but fleeting moment

(adj) of or relating to or limited by time
Example Sentence
  • temporal processing
  • temporal dimensions
  • temporal and spacial boundaries
  • music is a temporal art

(adj) of or relating to the temples (the sides of the skull behind the orbit)
Example Sentence
  • temporal bone

(adj) characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world
Synonyms : secular , worldly
Example Sentence
  • worldly goods and advancement
  • temporal possessions of the church

(adj) of this earth or world
Example Sentence
  • temporal joys
  • our temporal existence

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temporal

Temporal and Mortal are rhyming words with the same meaning i.e something that is temporary, that does not last forever.
6       0

by pushpa_edit

temporal is derived from temporary which means lasting only for a time
0       0

by shalmalibarki

TEMP+ORAL--- relates to ORAL(speaking) IN TEMPLE--- relates to secular
0       1

by nikhilparasher

Yhose who are preparing for ORAL TEMPORARY their memory will "not last forever"
0       1

by ankitshinde

"tempor"- it means time
0       0

by aditibehl


Short Definition : gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself

(verb) draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time
Synonyms : temporise
Example Sentence
  • The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temporize

(Temporize ~ Memorize); If you are not able to memorize the GRE words properly you temporize your plan to schedule the exam date immediately
37       5

by khushi5

Temporize -> Temporarily + Sieze that is temporarily postpone or put on hold
17       1

by sohancool

Temporize- 'Tempo'->temporarily; 'rize'- time ko 'rise' karna, i.e., to buy time to do stuffs
6       0

by carbonmonoxide

increase the temp so that u get more time...
4       2

by 1.6k

Temporize (avoid commiting yourself in order to gain time) is the opposite of Oblige which means you gladly do what is asked of you.
0       7

by pushpa_edit

The temp took the job in order to temporize and temporarily earn some money before becoming decisive.
0       2

by thebookie3

usaka Tempo Rise ho gaya isliye usane koi bhi STATEMENT ya DECISION LENE KE LIYE TIME MAANGA..taaki woh shaanti se dicision le saake..
0       0

by RajeshBorkar

temporize=temporal(time)+rise(gain) i.e. gain time as by postponing an action
0       0

by pradipta863das88

TEMPO results in causing a delay by gaining time since its a slow vehicle TEMPO refers to the 3 wheeler
0       0

by khandujarohan


Short Definition : holding fast (as to a belief); persistent

(adj) good at remembering
Synonyms : long , recollective , retentive
Example Sentence
  • a retentive mind
  • tenacious memory

(adj) stubbornly unyielding
Example Sentence
  • dogged persistence
  • dour determination
  • the most vocal and pertinacious of all the critics
  • a mind not gifted to discover truth but tenacious to hold it
  • men tenacious of opinion

(adj) sticking together
Synonyms : coherent
Example Sentence
  • two coherent sheets
  • tenacious burrs

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenacious

Sounds like ten Asians. Ten developing Asian countries if united together, can not be pulled apart.
52       7

by Administrator

Using the similarity to "Asian" again, you can use the stereotype that Asians are good at school... thus good at remembering/ retentive. You can even stretch it to the "stubbornly persistent" def."
12       5

by tivoli25

REtenacious... one who retains things..
9       1

by 1.6k

A man named ROCKY was sent to jail for throwing acid at his wife. He came out of jail several years later and you know the first thing he did? He threw the acid again. This thing repeated 10 times. Finally he was called tenacious
7       7

by friendofafriend

TENANT-DOESNT LET GO OFF a flat he gets , very easily.. TENANTs are TENAcious
6       1

by madness

even if there are ten meanings, a tenacious person will remember all
3       4

by 1.6k

Tenacious reminds of Tentacles of Davy Jones in the movie Pirates of Caribbean, they stuck together and didn't yield by any possible means.
1       1

by hungover

Humans have ten fingers to hold on to something persistently.
1       0

by praveenvd

ten means push in greek
0       6

by harneet_9

tenacious = ten + ac + io + us; We( us means we) indeed oblige(i for indeed & o for oblige) ten air conditioner for the hall anyhow otherwise you will not get your money.
0       1

by shaktipada


Short Definition : firmness; persistence

(noun) persistent determination
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenacity

tenacity : teen's consistant activity ie determination to continue what he/she 's doing.
25       5


tenacity : ten aina chestha - not giving up
12       5

by santosh reddy

in search of job i am PERSISTENTLY living in A CITY like mumbai for TEN years......still no job!!!WTF!!!......:D
4       2

by verbal800

Tenacity and Frailty are rhyming words with opposite meanings. While tenacity stands for firmness,strength, frailty refers to weakness or fragility (fragile).
3       9

by pushpa_edit

Tenacity=Tenant+City means tenant in a city is not oersistant
0       0

by manojksolanki

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