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Short Definition : boldness; nerve; rashness; Ex. temerity to ask for a pay increase after only three day's work

(noun) fearless daring
Synonyms : audaciousness audacity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temerity

Temerity (boldness) is the opposite of timidity, which means fear or shyness.

T+ marry+t...if u will break d word like dis den u will find out meaning...Think like dis dat v need alot of BOLDNESS to marry,v hav 2hold our NERVE b4 dis step

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: te+merit+y—if you have merit(academic excellence) then you will be excessive confident and fearless

remember the word tremor.. meaning shaking with fear so a temer person doesn't have tremors...

temerity is opposite of timorous which means timid in nature

teri mitti mein kadam rakhne ki BOLDNESS hai mujhmein

Use the verb "temper" which means to restrain/ control. Fear nor danger could TEMPER his TEMERITY.


THIMURU - in tamil.. those who know.. u can work out the remaining

Remember of Rakhi Sawant she has such foolish boldness (temerity)..... lolzzzz

sounds like tees maar khan who is very bold and rash.

temerity ( team and rift ) when you are in team you are bold and do not afraid from people who have rift with you

temerity = Team has merit, so we are fearless daring.

TEMERITY = the + merity; The merit people is always fearless daring.


Short Definition : moderate; make less severe; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel) as by alternate heating and cooling

(noun) a sudden outburst of anger
Synonyms : irritation pique
Example Sentence
  • his temper sparked like damp firewood
(noun) a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling
Synonyms : humor humour mood
Example Sentence
  • whether he praised or cursed me depended on his temper at the time
  • he was in a bad humor
(noun) a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger
Example Sentence
  • his temper was well known to all his employees
(noun) the elasticity and hardness of a metal object; its ability to absorb considerable energy before cracking
Synonyms : toughness
(verb) bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling
Synonyms : anneal normalize
Example Sentence
  • temper glass
(verb) harden by reheating and cooling in oil
Synonyms : harden
Example Sentence
  • temper steel
(verb) adjust the pitch (of pianos) Definition
(verb) make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate
Synonyms : mollify season
Example Sentence
  • she tempered her criticism
(verb) restrain
Synonyms : chasten moderate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temper

The TEMPo travellER is a vehicle of moderate speed.

temper means 2 reduce so "divide this tem--per head"where tem can b taken as anything which can b divided

Temper also means to make LESSER. To temper something is to cool it down or slacken its pace.

sound as hamper-kharaab hona as studies hamper hona

Parent to child: You better temper that temper!

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temper-temperature. temper means to maintain body temperature i.e., to remain cool


Short Definition : characteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess; ADJ. temperamental: of temperament; having frequent changes of temper; Ex. temperamental dislike of sports; Ex. temperamental actress

(noun) your usual mood
Synonyms : disposition
Example Sentence
  • he has a happy disposition
(noun) excessive emotionalism or irritability and excitability (especially when displayed openly) Definition
(noun) an adjustment of the intervals (as in tuning a keyboard instrument) so that the scale can be used to play in different keys
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temperament

temeperament - temper + mental.. which shows that temper is a type of emotion of the mind.. thus temperament is you usual mood/ frame of mind..

snds like-temper+permanent;so u r always prone to temper thats ur mood,disposition,characteristic or frame of ur mind

you could see the temparament in an adult by offering him a peppermint candy on ur birthday..:)

Temperament and Inherent are rhyming words. You can say, that some people have a certain temperament which is inherent in them.


Short Definition : moderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society

(adj) (of weather or climate) free from extremes; mild; or characteristic of such weather or climate
Example Sentence
  • a temperate region
  • the temperate zones
  • temperate plants
(adj) not extreme in behavior
Example Sentence
  • temperate in his habits
  • a temperate response to an insult
  • temperate in his eating and drinking
(adj) not extreme
Synonyms : moderate
Example Sentence
  • a moderate penalty
  • temperate in his response to criticism
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temperate

Temper+ate= which means he dosen't have a temper , that is he is self-controlled and is not extreme in behavior.

The temperate zone bw the hot tropics and cold polar has moderate climate.

Think of the word TEMPERATURE. If temperatue is mild at some place, that place might be called a temperate zone

Temperate and Tolerant are rhyming words and they both mean, someone or something that is moderate or self-restrained.

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temperate=temper+ate...if one ate their own temper..so he has no temper to exhibit..so he is not extreme in behaviour..@maha


Short Definition : stormy; violent; impassioned; N. tempest: violent storm

(adj) characterized by violent emotions or behavior
Synonyms : stormy
Example Sentence
  • a stormy argument
  • a stormy marriage
(adj) (of the elements) as if showing violent anger
Synonyms : angry furious raging wild
Example Sentence
  • angry clouds on the horizon
  • furious winds
  • the raging sea
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempestuous

TEMPESTUOUS can be split as TEMP + PEST + OUS, so how will your TEMPer be if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.

Tempestuous and Tumultuous have similar sounds and they both refer to turbulence or disorder.

tempestuous can be related to tempting, if something is very tempting to us, we become violent and agitated to get it...

guys this one is simple. tempestuous and impetuous mean the same. when a pet(dog) irritates u become impetuous or tempestuous. meaning violent and rash

focus on TEMP ..so not even (temp)orarily at rest...very stormy.originally posted by dancing shiv

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temp(temporarily)+est(sounds like rest)……now think of rakhi savant(a dancer)..when mika (her friend and singer)..kissed her..she turned violent,she got bad tempered and villified him in media,and she does it almost every month,in short she never tak

n short she never takes rest and always makes the news.

we all know about the play "TEMPEST"

Tempest is a violent wind or storm.... So tempestuous is violent anger

sounds like "time pass" + ous.. If we do time pass during exams then our parents are sure to get violet, stormy on us..


Short Definition : speed of music

(noun) (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played
Synonyms : pacing
(noun) the rate of some repeating event
Synonyms : pace
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempo

Tempo and Go. The Tempo of the orchestra kept changing from the word Go (from the time they started)to the last piece of music they played on stage.


Short Definition : of time; not lasting forever; limited by time; temporary; secular; worldly

(noun) the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the time of the state or action denoted by the verb
Synonyms : temporal role
(adj) not eternal
Example Sentence
  • temporal matters of but fleeting moment
(adj) of or relating to or limited by time
Example Sentence
  • temporal processing
  • temporal dimensions
  • temporal and spacial boundaries
  • music is a temporal art
(adj) of or relating to the temples (the sides of the skull behind the orbit)
Example Sentence
  • temporal bone
(adj) characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world
Synonyms : secular worldly
Example Sentence
  • worldly goods and advancement
  • temporal possessions of the church
(adj) of this earth or world
Example Sentence
  • temporal joys
  • our temporal existence
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temporal

Temporal and Mortal are rhyming words with the same meaning i.e something that is temporary, that does not last forever.

temporal is derived from temporary which means lasting only for a time

TEMP+ORAL--- relates to ORAL(speaking) IN TEMPLE--- relates to secular

Yhose who are preparing for ORAL TEMPORARY their memory will "not last forever"

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"tempor"- it means time


Short Definition : gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself

(verb) draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time
Synonyms : temporise
Example Sentence
  • The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temporize

(Temporize ~ Memorize); If you are not able to memorize the GRE words properly you temporize your plan to schedule the exam date immediately

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Temporize -> Temporarily + Sieze that is temporarily postpone or put on hold

Temporize- 'Tempo'->temporarily; 'rize'- time ko 'rise' karna, i.e., to buy time to do stuffs

increase the temp so that u get more time...

Temporize (avoid commiting yourself in order to gain time) is the opposite of Oblige which means you gladly do what is asked of you.

The temp took the job in order to temporize and temporarily earn some money before becoming decisive.

usaka Tempo Rise ho gaya isliye usane koi bhi STATEMENT ya DECISION LENE KE LIYE TIME MAANGA..taaki woh shaanti se dicision le saake..

temporize=temporal(time)+rise(gain) i.e. gain time as by postponing an action

TEMPO results in causing a delay by gaining time since its a slow vehicle ...here TEMPO refers to the 3 wheeler

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