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Short Definition :

(noun) a person who travels by foot
Synonyms : footer , walker

(adj) lacking wit or imagination
Synonyms : earthbound , prosaic , prosy
Example Sentence
  • a pedestrian movie plot

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pedestrian

ped means foot pedestrian means one who walks on foot is obviously ordinary
15       1

by crazylooks

pedestrian -it seems like paidal which means walking on foot
2       0

by santosh pokhrel

pede+strian=pede(poor)+strain(nervous)..poor people feel nervous becoz they walk ..talking about them feels like boring ,unintersting
1       0

by vamsee

The ppl who always walks on foot in the road without car or bike is always ordinary ppl.
0       0

by shaktipada

tonsure heads need a Tonic for Sure
0       0

by roozbeh33


Short Definition :

(adj) easily irritated or annoyed
Example Sentence
  • an incorrigibly fractious young man
  • not the least nettlesome of his countrymen

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peevish

pee+vish( pee means asking forcibly to drink,,, n vish is poison) so irritating easily..
15       7

by amritagarwal

Someone who wishes(~VISHes) to go to the bathroom to PEE but cannot because they is no vacancy will be irritated
8       1

by itspossible

pee means toilet vish means wish so peeing in any place where u wish is irritable
3       1

by ratikmittal

if children PEE on bed its irritable(PEEVISH)
2       1

by smsayem127

If u wish(vish (really want) to pee, then u r easily being annoyed and irritated if u r not allowed to (u r in an exam for eg)
1       1

by chituan

Harry Potter fans...Remember Peeves...Very irritating ghost
1       0

by sandeshgum

kisi pee(drunken)kar aye hue man ki vish(wish)puri na karo to to wo irritated ho jata hai.
0       0

by sunny chhabra


Short Definition :

(adj) expressing disapproval
Synonyms : dislogistic , dyslogistic
Example Sentence
  • dyslogistic terms like `nitwit' and `scalawag'

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pejorative

Pejorative = Pig + Orative, a pig will certainly have bad connotations
22       4

by subhasish

Owner of a Mitsubishi PAJERO belittles everyone on the road.
20       1

by shashankraj00

Pejorative meaning is to disparage or belittle; of negative connotation : Relate to Pejor (means to hate in latin)
19       21

by wsquare

"majority" wala group doosre group ka effect khatam kar deta hai...causing a belittling effect..
13       23


pee + orative... u make some one feel like shit by being orative about his dick
6       13

by kmr.akhil

People call Bajarba ivanoda only when they consider him of little value
4       10

by aravindhbaskaran

To disapprove something jore pe jore lagao(Hindi)
3       7

by ksameer_coep

its like pejor is opposite to cajole so wen cajole is to flatter some one pejore is to hate or loathe some one
2       2

by vivekkarumudi

peevish+"jorse orative",a person who is peevish doent approve a thing,a nd orative in nature is derived from a root called orator means speaker
1       12

by anudeep meka word pe jor dena padega coz this word has become depreciatory....
1       1

by nileshdive

Nobody has the prerogative ( basic right ) to use pejorative (/ criticizing ) words against anybody other...
1       1

by enigmatic_lucifer

If you have a PIG JURY, things don't look too good for you, brother.
1       1

by Jackery

word prepare
0       4

by pravesh

if a jury declares a man guilty they are showing dissaproval towards whatever h did
0       2

by friendofafriend

A Hero in a Pajero, when drives past you has a "belittling effect"
0       2

by BloodyMickey

In Punjabi..PE JOR tay kar dayy disapprove
0       1

by am61

PJ + Orative ... one who always ortaes a PJ will have an belittling effect from others.
0       0

by rahulkrish85


Short Definition :

(adj) transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity
Example Sentence
  • the cold crystalline water of melted snow
  • crystal clear skies
  • could see the sand on the bottom of the limpid pool
  • lucid air
  • a pellucid brook
  • transparent crystal

(adj) (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable
Example Sentence
  • writes in a limpid style
  • lucid directions
  • a luculent oration
  • pellucid prose
  • a crystal clear explanation
  • a perspicuous argument

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pellucid

52       1

by preetisoni2411

a PELican flew over the LUCID water.
2       2

by Jackery

pellucid means TRANSPARENTLY break it as PALE+ LUCID..PALE(which is close to transparency when u imply to vision)...n lucid means PALE+LUCID means transparently clear :)
2       0

by jim4gre

Remember that lucid means clear/ And that pellucid is just an alternative/ Word that is so very near/ In meaning and use as an adjective
0       1

by thebookie3

0       3

by jyothimenda


Short Definition :

(noun) remorse for your past conduct
Synonyms : penitence , repentance

(noun) a Catholic sacrament; repentance and confession and atonement and absolution
(noun) voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for penance

'penance' can be read as 'pain on us' what we take as a punishment on ourself for our sins.
70       6

by nishit.mehta

penanace is similar to penalty wich is given for wrong activities
12       3

by pravinblacky

Big punishment if you are asked to write answer without a pen that is without a pen..answer!
2       2

by trahman79

imagine if you go without PENIS for a week. big punishment
1       13

by usairforce1985

Penance = Pin in Ass. One can only do that if really repentant or Penitence.
0       4

by subhasish

writing answer in a pen(animals place) is a punishment
0       1

by kingofgre

penance = pen + ance; with pen write you confession.
0       1

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(noun) a strong liking
Synonyms : predilection , preference , taste
Example Sentence
  • my own preference is for good literature
  • the Irish have a penchant for blarney

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for penchant

p+enchant- something that enchants you, you have a strong liking for that.
67       4

by logic87

chant- verses are chanted by sages because they have a strong inclination towards spiritualiism.
37       5

by logic87

Some fool is chanting his pen because he likes it so much.
9       6

by userdce

think of a pendant that you wear and love very much
3       1

by roxy629

penchant sounds like pention............generally retired people have strong liking towards pention
2       0

by seelamchandru

PEN(pen frnd) chant(chatting) some one chatting wit pen frnd will have strong inclination in chatting
2       0

by Sravan Kumar

I remembered this word by the following mnemonic and neva 4 got the meaning.. : PEANUT CHAT - every loves peanut chat , hav a strong inclination over it..affinity, fondness, passion... ;)
1       5

by gatz_funky

A new parker PEN comes in the mkt and you have a strong desire for it and hence you CHANT about it where ever you go..
1       1

by ishajuneja90

a PENDULUM has a penchant to swing back and forth.
1       0

by Jackery

in hindi.. chant is a person who will go for what he likes and take risks even if its disapproved.. especially in the context of getting dates...
0       5

by muffisoni

rhymes with pungent which also means taste or smell
0       1

by bansalgaurav28

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