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Short Definition : easy to approach; obtainable

(adj) capable of being reached
Example Sentence
  • a town accessible by rail
(adj) capable of being read with comprehension
Synonyms : approachable
Example Sentence
  • readily accessible to the nonprofessional reader
  • the tales seem more approachable than his more difficult novels
(adj) easily obtained
Example Sentence
  • most students now have computers accessible
  • accessible money
(adj) easy to get along with or talk to; friendly
Example Sentence
  • an accessible and genial man
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accessible

ACCESS(something which you are able to use or enter) + ible(ABLE)...SO you are ABLE to use your computer, well then, mail your resume to companies because it is EASY TO APPROACH them via mail.


Short Definition : additional object; useful but not essential thing

(noun) clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing Definition
(noun) a supplementary component that improves capability Definition
(noun) someone who helps another person commit a crime
Synonyms : accessary
(adj) aiding and abetting in a crime
Synonyms : accessary
Example Sentence
  • he was charged with being accessory to the crime
(adj) furnishing added support
Example Sentence
  • an ancillary pump
  • an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism
  • The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accessory

access(EXCESS)+ory(ornaments)..SO you have got excess of ornaments ,which are not very essential for you,as your clothes,then why do you waste so much money on additional objects like this.


Short Definition : applaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise

(noun) enthusiastic approval
Example Sentence
  • the book met with modest acclaim
  • he acknowledged the plaudits of the crowd
  • they gave him more eclat than he really deserved
(verb) praise vociferously
Synonyms : hail herald
Example Sentence
  • The critics hailed the young pianist as a new Rubinstein
(verb) clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval
Synonyms : applaud clap spat
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for acclaim

A+claim..imagine you have claimed to a news channel that you have designed a super computer ,so every where people are praising you for your great invention

look at the last 3 letters AIM -> when you had reached ur aim u will be praised

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look at the last 3 letters AIM -> when you had reached ur aim u will be praised

look at the last 3 letters AIM -> when you had reached ur aim u will be praised

acclaim: (accl+aim)when you accomplish your AIM you will be praised

not blame

like if u claim that u get teh drug to make man immortal, what u will get? acclaim

ppl are applauding but according 2 me its lame...acc-lame

(AC) Acknowledgement to whatever u (claim)claim

A+claim.. You can claim the success of your movie only if it's acclaimed by audience.

critically acclaimed film, hence successful

when hitler claims publicialy.crowd admires him looking at his confidance.

think of critics acclaim to any movie... the best critics movie is given critics award..


Short Definition : adjust to climate or environment; adapt

(verb) get used to a certain climate
Example Sentence
  • They never acclimatized in Egypt
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for acclimate

Adjust ACCording to CLIMATE = acclimate

ac+climate : according to the climate; You have to adapt yourself according to the climate change.

Ac(act)+climate is as good as adjusting or act according to climate


Accept local climate. Get use to the local climate.


Short Definition : sharp upslope of a hill; OP. declivity

(noun) an upward slope or grade (as in a road)
Example Sentence
  • the car couldn't make it up the rise
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for acclivity

if u knwo that cliff is A steep high face of rock, then its easy to remember

ac+cliv+ity....cliv is similar to CLIMB..can relate to the meaning...climbing the steep upslope of a hill

try to look for 'cliff' in this word and cliff means a high, steep face of rock. Also, try to look for elevate (elivity) in this word which also means upslope.

ac+CLIV+ity..cliv= means SLOPE or tendency so an UPWARD SLOPE.

Leviate - rise, a steep rise

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clivus in Latin means slope.

spells like activity,activity to climb on an upward slope..

cleavage men gahrai hai, acclivity men chadhai hai


Short Definition : award of merit; strong praise and approval

(noun) a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction
Synonyms : award honor honour laurels
Example Sentence
  • an award for bravery
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accolade

it sounds like chocolate.. parents accolade if kids do home work properly

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A+Cool+Aide is a praise for the effort by a Distinction Student

accolade ac=accept,take; col=>college;ade-->aid; College aid is given as an award of merit.

a+col+lade.. seems like "a college leader"..and if you are a college leader then you will get a strong praise and approval.

accolade sounds like: "act-of-laud" laud meaning praise.

let ac means not...colade means collision...a person prevented two buses from collision,so he was praised

to ACCOrd (bestow upon) the good LAD my Expression of praise.

a+col+lade : a col. leader got laid ,as an award.

accolade ~ a + COLA company has won several accolades for being a market leader in soft-drinks.

According to Leader(esp. in political space). i.e if you act according to the leader you will be honored and awarded other wise not.

Accolade sounds like A - Coal - Aide! A coal aide was given a merit for all his help!

ACC - aced. You got an A not a C or d on your test - give praise

the accomplished lad won an award of merit

acco+lade;According to me to get Laid is an ultimate award of merit in any relationship


Short Definition : oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt; make enough space for; ADJ. accommodative; CF. accomodating: helpful and obliging

(verb) be agreeable or acceptable to
Synonyms : fit suit
Example Sentence
  • This suits my needs
(verb) make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose
Synonyms : adapt
Example Sentence
  • Adapt our native cuisine to the available food resources of the new country
(verb) provide with something desired or needed
Example Sentence
  • Can you accommodate me with a rental car?
(verb) have room for; hold without crowding
Synonyms : admit hold
Example Sentence
  • This hotel can accommodate 250 guests
  • The theater admits 300 people
  • The auditorium can't hold more than 500 people
(verb) provide housing for
Synonyms : lodge
Example Sentence
  • We are lodging three foreign students this semester
(verb) provide a service or favor for someone
Synonyms : oblige
Example Sentence
  • We had to oblige him
(verb) make (one thing) compatible with (another)
Synonyms : conciliate reconcile
Example Sentence
  • The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accommodate

accommodate->a common date->harmony->be compatible with others

this appartment can accommodate 10 families. If you Accommodate yourself with the environment, we will accommodate you with some acommodation, if you accommodate with that!

you accommodate someone when you provide accommodation, so you are helping him/her.


Short Definition : partner in crime

(noun) a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan)
Synonyms : confederate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accomplice

i alter the mnemonic given by preetisoni...Accomplice-Ac+com+plice rearrange it u ll get com(company)+ac(assume as "against")+police and it looks like company against police which is a crime..

Accompany + Lies(lice) i.e partner in some kind of crime

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accomplice ~ accompany + police; so accompany police implies helping police in reducing crime ; accomplice means opposite of this : partner in crime.

a(negative)+come+please...............a person who is always telling "come please...come please" means he is 90% trying to get ur help in a bad/illegal work.So u can remember its meaning as "partner in crime r assisting in crime"

accomplice : (accomp+ lie) the person who ACCOMPy in a LIE is a criminal so, a partner in crime

accomplice: accompany in malice.

com sounds as come ,u move with partners and plice reminds of police who r always related to crimes ,so we could take this as partner in crime

a cum(in hindi cum means 'less') police, so helping less wid police n more wid criminals...

Accomp(any)+lies(lice):-acompany someone in crime by telling lie to other.(ie patner in crime)

a+kam(less)+police.: this guy is a kam(less) police as he accompany in criminal activities

accomplice = accom+plice thief accommodate polic nd made them partner in crime

ac = to; complice:come please. Hence,"to come please" you'll be a helper - in crime.

accomp- acompany lice -telling lice.acoomapany in telling lice i.e.accomplice in doing wrong thing

a company with a lying(lice)person

a come(call) police

company to slice some one


Short Definition : agreement

(noun) harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters
Synonyms : agreement
Example Sentence
  • the two parties were in agreement
(noun) concurrence of opinion
Synonyms : accordance conformity
Example Sentence
  • we are in accord with your proposal
(noun) a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
Synonyms : pact treaty
(noun) sympathetic compatibility Definition
(verb) go together
Example Sentence
  • The colors don't harmonize
  • Their ideas concorded
(verb) allow to have
Synonyms : allot grant
Example Sentence
  • grant a privilege
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accord

Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary

sounds like ACC(ACCORDING)+cord(record)...well ACCORDING TO our RECORDS we are in agreement with our investors ,as where to invest their money.

agreement between father and son that he will buy accord (Honda Accord, car name)for his son if he scores top in his exams.

I will do an agreement with you, only if you buy me a Honda Accord.

Ac->accept; Cord->bind with a cord. When you accept and tie it becomes agreement.

Ac+ cord= here cord is a root word which means heart. which means commited from heart.

accord ~ according to; Whenever you see "according to Newton's theory....", you agree whatever statement is mentioned there.

A CORD (rope) uniting their hands, they were in harmony as Queen and King.

when there is formal agreement between two countries the agree that they will follow according to the law


Short Definition : approach and speak first to a person

(verb) speak to someone
Synonyms : address come up to
(verb) approach with an offer of sexual favors
Synonyms : hook solicit
Example Sentence
  • he was solicited by a prostitute
  • The young man was caught soliciting in the park
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accost

Accost=Ac(Acclerating)+Cost=>When cost shoots up in a shop, we as a person speaks with the shopkeeper to reduce the cost.Hence we iniciate the talk

accost ~ sounds like at any cost. I will approach and speak to her at any cost.

There is A COST to pay for speaking to the woman of my dreams first !

accost = accooo ..remember hindi serial chandrakanta .. two aiyars used to report directly this guy before speaking to others

A.ccost= Approach to the coast[seashore]

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