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    appurtenance - Dictionary definition and meaning for word appurtenance

    (noun) equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.
    Synonyms : gear , paraphernalia
    (noun) a supplementary component that improves capability
    Synonyms : accessory , add-on , supplement
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for appurtenance

Upar tenant; Khud neeche rehta hai and upar tenant rakha hai to supplement his income

appurtenance.. sounds like apartments..so u bought a apartment n all da required accessory u wanted to decorate ur home...

Upper + Ten ; Upar se 10 extra item laya.. implies add+on, accessory, supplement, subordinate possession.

add 'ten' enhancements to make ur obj go 'upper'

You consider your cat a necessary accessory to your home and a tenant living in your apartment. The cat is A PURR TENANT

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Appurtenance ~ oPPURTunity = an oppurtunity to improve

focus on first 3 letters APP ( Apps mobile apps). We use them to improve our capabilities or efficiency

sounds like Pertinence which means 'appropriate', so sth APPURTENANCE is PERTINENCE because it complete sth more important

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