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Short Definition : outsmart; defeat by behaving more cleverly

(verb) beat through cleverness and wit
Example Sentence
  • I beat the traffic
  • She outfoxed her competitors
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for outwit

out + wit [wisdom] => over smart or outsmart.

outwit = out + wit;make out the witness by deceit.

outwit- cleverly made witty remark but they found his intention


Short Definition : enthusiastic applause

(noun) enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause)
Synonyms : standing ovation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ovation

whn crickter gng to pavilion we give standing ovation means sending him with claps

ovation sounds like occation, u never forget the occation at which u get ovation.



Short Definition : bossy; domineering and arrogant; decisively important; Ex. overbearing manner/importance; V. overbear: dominate

(adj) expecting unquestioning obedience
Example Sentence
  • the timid child of authoritarian parents
  • insufferably overbearing behavior toward the waiter
(adj) having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy
Example Sentence
  • some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines
  • haughty aristocrats
  • his lordly manners were offensive
  • walked with a prideful swagger
  • very sniffy about breaches of etiquette
  • his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air
  • a more swaggering mood than usual
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for overbearing

to bear someone's views on yourself.. that person is overbearing you.. that is he is dominating over you..

we cant bear someone who is overbearing...!!!

If you overly bear something,then at some point you will become ARROGANT.

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overbearing-> she cant bear her husband violent,arrogant behaviour


Short Definition : inflated; exaggerated

(adj) puffed up with vanity
Example Sentence
  • a grandiloquent and boastful manner
  • overblown oratory
  • a pompous speech
  • pseudo-scientific gobbledygook and pontifical hooey
(adj) past the stage of full bloom
Example Sentence
  • overblown roses
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for overblown

jyaada fainkk di

to blast about your true face to others


Short Definition : watch over and direct; supervise; N. oversight: unintentional failure to notice or do something; supervision

(verb) watch and direct
Example Sentence
  • Who is overseeing this project?
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for oversee

My project manager watch over and direct, supervise me from overseas


Short Definition : open to view; public; not secret; CF. covert

(adj) open and observable; not secret or hidden
Synonyms : open
Example Sentence
  • an overt lie
  • overt hostility
  • overt intelligence gathering
  • open ballots
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for overt

we know covert is hidden so overt is an exact opposite ie non-secretive.

overt can be said as "over the top".. that is a totally open place.. and nothing is concealed..

overt = Oh its VERy True ...I can see it so clearly.

o(out)=vert(to turn)


Short Definition : topple; N.

(noun) the termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force) Definition
(noun) the act of disturbing the mind or body
Synonyms : derangement upset
Example Sentence
  • his carelessness could have caused an ecological upset
  • she was unprepared for this sudden overthrow of their normal way of living
(verb) cause the downfall of; of rulers
Example Sentence
  • The Czar was overthrown
  • subvert the ruling class
(verb) rule against
Example Sentence
  • The Republicans were overruled when the House voted on the bill


Short Definition : musical introduction to a long musical piece; first offer or proposal (to begin talks in the hope of reaching an agreement); Ex. overtures for peace

(noun) orchestral music played at the beginning of an opera or oratorio Definition
(noun) something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows
Synonyms : preliminary prelude
Example Sentence
  • training is a necessary preliminary to employment
  • drinks were the overture to dinner
(noun) a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others
Synonyms : advance approach feeler
Example Sentence
  • she rejected his advances
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for overture

over + tune...when 1 tune gets over its time for an overture

show is going to CHAR your brain but what will OVER CHAR your brain ?? Yes, something that elongates the show by a LONG BEGINNING or PRECEDING EVENT.

Opera VIRTUE TUNE~>for good quality music,instruments are tuned...this occurs usually before opera starts...

OVERTURE OVER gives a meaning for EXCESSIVENESS TURE sounds like CHARNA in hindi (as in DIMAAG MAT CHAR YAAR) So imagine a very pathetic folk concert going on. Unfortunately you got stuck in that show and you have to listen to it. Complete s

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Seconf half sounds like mature. With a matured thought, anyone would call for peace talks not continuing arms.

overture sounds like overtuning. before listening to FM radio we have to tune it for long for song which suits our taste. so overture = over + tune (re) is long musical introduction

by virtue of which preceding can come.is ovr+ture


Short Definition : turn over; capsize; topple

(noun) the act of upsetting something
Synonyms : turnover upset
Example Sentence
  • he was badly bruised by the upset of his sled at a high speed
(noun) an improbable and unexpected victory
Synonyms : upset
Example Sentence
  • the biggest upset since David beat Goliath
(verb) turn from an upright or normal position
Example Sentence
  • The big vase overturned
  • The canoe tumped over
(verb) cause to overturn from an upright or normal position
Example Sentence
  • The cat knocked over the flower vase
  • the clumsy customer turned over the vase
  • he tumped over his beer
(verb) rule against
Example Sentence
  • The Republicans were overruled when the House voted on the bill
(verb) cause the downfall of; of rulers
Example Sentence
  • The Czar was overthrown
  • subvert the ruling class
(verb) cancel officially
Example Sentence
  • He revoked the ban on smoking
  • lift an embargo
  • vacate a death sentence
(verb) change radically
Example Sentence
  • E-mail revolutionized communication in academe


Short Definition : arrogant; presumptuous

(adj) unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings
Example Sentence
  • extravagant praise
  • exuberant compliments
  • overweening ambition
  • overweening greed
(adj) presumptuously arrogant
Synonyms : uppity
Example Sentence
  • had a witty but overweening manner
  • no idea how overweening he would be
  • getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for overweening

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a person who wins over and over becomes arrogant. He now arrogantly presumes that he will always win.

OVERly flailing your WEENER. Otherwise known as cock-waving.

derived from over(MEANS ABOVE, MORE)+ween..latin venus..means charm or love....so think of the lady(RELATE IT TO OUR primary school story..a lady who was more beautiful and CHARMING than moon..that moon also use to praise her because of that she BECA

if u WIN u tend to do OVERACTIONS...so overweening :P

it is the overween+ing form...and now..OVER+WEEN(MEANS to hope, think, expect, intend)..so if you get something over(means beyond) what you EXPECT ...you become arrogant...you unrestrained in your feelings.

opposite of over-weenie (which would be overly cowardly).

because of that she BECAME VERY ARROGANT...and killed her daughter..)

Ponting’s overweening ambition of winning the match in 1 over in his nation.

arrogant guy asking me to play over weenai(musical instrument)

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