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    circumvent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word circumvent

    (verb) surround so as to force to give up
    Synonyms : beleaguer , besiege , hem in , surround
    Example Sentence
    • The Turks besieged Vienna
    (verb) beat through cleverness and wit
    Synonyms : beat , outfox , outsmart , outwit , overreach
    Example Sentence
    • I beat the traffic
    • She outfoxed her competitors
    (verb) avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)
    Synonyms : dodge , duck , elude , evade , fudge , hedge , parry , put off , sidestep , skirt
    Example Sentence
    • He dodged the issue
    • she skirted the problem
    • They tend to evade their responsibilities
    • he evaded the questions skillfully
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for circumvent

circle + prevent => to form a CIRCLE or a boundary around the target so as to OUTSMART your opponent. lyk abhimanyu did!!!

think all knows the story of ganesh who goes around the parents (shiva and parvati circularly) . he outsmarted muruga and got the sacred mango. circum (in a circle) vent (went around) for mango

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he WENT tru the situation by AVOIDing it

circum (circle) + vent (went) = he went through the circle of fire!

CIR-CUM-VENT: imagine u r given a problem to solve by your SIR(CIR), u solve it fast and then tell him to COME(CUM0, so that u show him the answer...in short u have outsmarted all ur friends, and are clever

CIRCUM(circular)+VENT(opening)...you have made a circular vent to FIND WAY(solve a problem or a difficulty)....

circum+went the person took an indirect path and went to kill the enenmy thus outsmarting him grrrrrrrrrrr......

How to circumvent a stupid angry professor, the student says Sir Come but the student is gone Went very cleverly and duped the stupid professor aghast (while the student was very clever and outsmarted the professor)

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