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Short Definition : restrain; handcuff; N.

(noun) shackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs
Synonyms : cuff handcuff handlock
(verb) confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs
Synonyms : cuff handcuff
Example Sentence
  • The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for manacle

manacle sounds like ankle or shackle , so my ankle got trapped therefore restrained from doing something.

sounds like my uncle.. he was a prisoner, who was manacled (handcuffed)

man + nacle = a man was selling nacle(fake) goods. so police has given him the CUFF.

manacle as noun mean Hathkadi(police walli) ... so hathkadi pahne ke baad i am restrain frm doing anything


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man(=hand) + obstACLE = manacle, so..we are restrained if our hands are not free...

Manicure- ladies have it to keep their hands beautiful. Manacle is to tie the hands together.


Short Definition : order; charge; authoritative command; power to govern another country; power to given to a government; region under administration; V: give a mandate to; place under a mandate; Ex. mandated territory

(noun) a document giving an official instruction or command Definition
(noun) a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they are able to stand by themselves
Synonyms : mandatory
(noun) the commission that is given to a government and its policies through an electoral victory Definition
(verb) assign under a mandate
Example Sentence
  • mandate a colony
(verb) make mandatory
Example Sentence
  • the new director of the school board mandated regular tests
(verb) assign authority to
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mandate

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man+date a man orders you to go on a date with him

man+date man(boss) orders you to finish your work on date.


Short Definition : obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate

(noun) the recipient of a mandate
Synonyms : mandatary
(noun) a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they are able to stand by themselves
Synonyms : mandate
(adj) required by rule
Synonyms : compulsory required
Example Sentence
  • in most schools physical education is compulsory
  • attendance is mandatory
  • required reading
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mandatory

mandatory, man-date =>for every man date is necessary/requirement


Short Definition : skin disease (esp. of domestic animals) marked by loss of hair

(noun) a persistent and contagious disease of the skin causing inflammation and itching and loss of hair; affects domestic animals (and sometimes people)
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mange

manganese a chemical substance if u come in contact with it ,u will feel itchy

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ye badan MANGE more khujlee. Khulee ke dabaa hai jaalim lotion

People with skin disease MANaGE to cover their skin from others

manga(kannada=monkey) is feeling itch...


Short Definition : tear or cut to pieces; mutilate or disfigure; Ex. badly mangled bodies

(noun) clothes dryer for drying and ironing laundry by passing it between two heavy heated rollers Definition
(verb) press with a mangle
Example Sentence
  • mangle the sheets
(verb) injure badly by beating
Synonyms : maul
(verb) alter so as to make unrecognizable
Synonyms : murder mutilate
Example Sentence
  • The tourists murdered the French language
(verb) destroy or injure severely
Synonyms : cut up mutilate
Example Sentence
  • The madman mutilates art work
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mangle

Mangal Pandey with his sword .... mangled the British.

mango ko mangle kar do , it means cut into pieces.

mangle pandey movie was mangled into pieces by critics.

MINGLE means mix or cause to mix together...in order to mix vegetables in pav bhaji, we MANGLE vegetables

closer to MAUL and has a similar meaning.


Short Definition : shabby; wretched; suffering from mange; of bad appearance

(adj) having many worn or threadbare spots in the nap
Synonyms : mangey
Example Sentence
  • a mangy carpet
  • a mangy old fur coat
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mangy

imagine mangy with a beggar who is wearing theadbare clothers, and what does he do? woh paise mangta rehta hai..so he is mangy

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mangy ~ manky (monkey)... monkey is shabby animal

Sounds like 'JUMANJI'--->in the movie 'jumangi' ,the animals made the whole house and city very shabby.

Mangy..sounds like behanji...bhejani girls are generally in shabby clothes and wretched...hope it helps!!

mangy: sounds like "maangi hui"... something borrowed looks shabby after so much use.

sounds like bhangy who wears shabby and wretched clothes


"Mangy (Donated) hui cheeze (thing) is generally shabby" ... because their owner give them because they don't want them.

a person who wears cloths with stains of mango juice is mangy..i.e.,he dressed shabbily...!


Short Definition : raging mad; insane; N. maniac: insane person; CF. mania: disorder of the mind; intense enthusiasm

(adj) wildly disordered
Synonyms : maniac
Example Sentence
  • a maniacal frenzy
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for maniacal

mania itself is a madness ; insane

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MONEY....there are lots of people in this world who are maniac for money....

maniacal== sounds like maniac, a maniac do things in extremely hard way, so when a maniac laugh it shoulda be loud.

The marriage of S(M)ania Mirza was wildly disordered...

maniac refers to madness; insane


Short Definition : evident; visible; obvious; V: show plainly

(noun) a customs document listing the contents put on a ship or plane Definition
(verb) provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes
Example Sentence
  • His high fever attested to his illness
  • The buildings in Rome manifest a high level of architectural sophistication
  • This decision demonstrates his sense of fairness
(verb) record in a ship's manifest
Example Sentence
  • each passenger must be manifested
(verb) reveal its presence or make an appearance
Example Sentence
  • the ghost manifests each year on the same day
(adj) clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
Example Sentence
  • the effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields
  • evident hostility
  • manifest disapproval
  • patent advantages
  • made his meaning plain
  • it is plain that he is no reactionary
  • in plain view
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for manifest

In a FEST it was visible that people had Money[MANI] ,so Money was visible ; evident and was obvious.

many (MANI) people make appearance in FEST-ival

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India has many (MANI) festivals (FEST)....dis fact is a MANIFEST in itself..clear and obvious..

Manifest-man in the fest , some people in the fest eat so much which is the proof of their identity

manifest(many fests) in the recent days many fests are being organized due to which fests organizing programme is being noticeable .

It is obvious that we invest lot of money(MANI) on college FESTs

It is obvious that we invest lot of money(MANI) on college FESTs

MAN I, I am clearly a man (sorry girls =P)

to celebrate fest people should have money.its obvious

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