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    peremptory - Dictionary definition and meaning for word peremptory

    (adj) offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power
    Example Sentence
    • an autocratic person
    • autocratic behavior
    • a bossy way of ordering others around
    • a rather aggressive and dominating character
    • managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way
    • a swaggering peremptory manner
    (adj) not allowing contradiction or refusal
    Example Sentence
    • spoke in peremptory tones
    • peremptory commands
    (adj) putting an end to all debate or action
    Example Sentence
    • a peremptory decree
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peremptory

Remember it with pre-empty, i.e something which is already empty, needs to be filled, it demands...

wat param=god says has to be obeyed without questioning.( read the word with sentance frm some other source online only then ull get the meaning of the word which implies other mnemonics given here are worng check out cambridge ad

Opposite to PRIMARY...So it's FINAL !!

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Peremptory -- Permanently empty or Imagine some one demending 'Param' super computer from Indian territory leaving us no choice

Preemptive strikes by the U.S. are peremptory. (They can't be challenged by any other country.)

Sounds like Preempt. Preempt means to prioritize oneself. Forestall oneself.

Per+Empty..ne Per enti ra?..(wats ur name)..its kinda intimidating...

empty vessels sonds the most.... so in order to make him silent you need to fire peremptory commands...

peremptory can be related to pre empt which means forcefully ending before completion.here it means expecting it to be obeyed immediately.Both have similar tone.

Opposite to PRIMARY.... So, it means FINAL !!!

sounds like am(em) authority(ptory) i.e I am the authority and you will have to do what I say

Remember the word preemption

~ preempt ory

perem sounds like parent.so parent always think that their children should obey them immediately without question.

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