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Short Definition :

(adj) hellish
Example Sentence
  • Hence loathed Melancholy.../In Stygian cave forlorn

(adj) dark and dismal as of the rivers Acheron and Styx in Hades
Synonyms : acheronian , acherontic
Example Sentence
  • in the depths of an Acheronian forest
  • upon those roseate lips a Stygian hue

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for stygian

stygian... think it as one living in a sty(pen for pigs) .. it is expected to be be disgusting and therefore dark or dismal
16       10

by zoro

stygian sounds like sky + agyan. i.e., hell.
11       15

by garrulous

Stygian,rhymes with Contagion(spreading of disease) which is DEATHLY,GLOOMY and no doubt HELLISH,those who fall in trap of that.
4       0

by KSahoo

Angelina Jolie as GIA(the model.. google it). Gia had a tragic career.Her favourite spot to snort cocaine was in a pig STY and that made her burn like HELL on the Inside.
3       4

by menon_ranjit

The main river that flows in HELL is STYX...hell is a very dark and gloomy place.
3       2

by Ashishbaldwa

Sounds like "stitch you in!" Imagine being stitched into a body bag and thrown in a dark and dismal pit!
1       6

by Pneumonoultra

sounds like stingy. Rahul was a stingy pesron. He was always in gloom whenever he spend money
1       5

by amolge

jinko STYle ka GIAN(knowledge) nahi hota,woh stygian hote hain
1       2

by mit006

1       2

by shadip

i knew an agyaani that thought hell was in sky, and heaven was below us
1       3

by friendofafriend

Satan giant lives in gloomy and dark place
1       0

by ok_2pro

"The darkness was cheap and Scrooge liked it." Scrooge's quarters were dark because he was so stingy.
0       1

by memory man

Sky its turned dark and gloomy
0       0

by nippi86


Short Definition :

(noun) a situation in golf where an opponent's ball blocks the line between your ball and the hole
Synonyms : stymy

(noun) a thwarting and distressing situation
Synonyms : stymy

(verb) hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of
Synonyms : block , blockade , embarrass , hinder , obstruct , stymy
Example Sentence
  • His brother blocked him at every turn

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for stymie

Stymie is a negative word. Stymie means "tie me". i.e., prevent from moving forward.
134       2

by garrulous

sty- a sty in your eye blocks or prevents you from seeing
4       5

by PAC001

sounds a bit like stand in the way of.... which means preventing
1       6

by arvind_4

consistent with the software company's STYle, Microsoft IE crashes all the time to thwart and block my internet browsing.
1       5

by joeyessoe

A stye is a blocked oil gland in the eyelid.
1       3

by Rodeokinney

relates to TIE ME. when hot girl hug u and sali chad di nai
1       1

by tharki banda

[sty=stay,mie=me];an obstacle stays me[block-hinder]
1       0

by ehsan.m

The stemmie left over from the downed Red Wood is in my way!
0       4

by memory man

Stymie:Anything that makes me feel like a pygmy
0       5

by hmpai

stay in my way
0       3

by mgong03

WHY ME? always i have the obstacles in my path :(
0       2

by Thisisnotme


Short Definition :

(noun) the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner
Synonyms : blandness , smoothness , suaveness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for suavity

Suavity: Remember suAMITY(avity) is friendship and good friendship needs manners.
6       0

by animator

SAAB JI--SAAB JI log have quality of suavity.
5       9

by userdce

suavity == first four words are suav we can relate its shave so people who has the suavity musta be shaved.
1       5

by nasri

Saw you ity=suavity=Polished way of meeting people gracefully.
0       2

by rakei

Soa ("100" in Hindi) Witty - To make a witty man courteous all you have to do is to put him in a room with "soa" other wittty people.
0       0

by anujpathania


Short Definition :

(noun) a British commissioned army officer below the rank of captain
(adj) inferior in rank or status
Example Sentence
  • the junior faculty
  • a lowly corporal
  • petty officialdom
  • a subordinate functionary

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subaltern alternate, someone who is inferior (sub)in position, meaning a SUBORDINATE.
31       0

by imajeeth

subALTERN rhymes with PALTAN[hindi:chiller party}i.e group of young children playing with adults...they are considered as subordinates with playing cricket
2       0

by elixir

SUB = SUBDUE, LOWER and ALTERN rhymes with A lantern that is a person who follows with a lantern to a big one i.e. A SUBORDINATE
1       0

by quantum_killer


Short Definition :

(verb) put down by force or intimidation
Synonyms : keep down , quash , reduce , repress , subdue
Example Sentence
  • The government quashes any attempt of an uprising
  • China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently
  • The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land

(verb) make subservient; force to submit or subdue
Synonyms : subject

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subjugate

it just sound in hindi like "SaB JUkhkege mere GATE ke aage"...mean conquer , bring under control..(it sounds good) ;)
48       5

by tannu_acumen

It sounds like: subdue + gate. i.e., put the gate down i.e., conquer a place.
12       4

by garrulous

SAB+JO+GATE...imagine people who are standing near the gate of the house of a politician to protest...what will happen...they will be put down by force or intimidation
8       0

by nileshdive

women subjugate after they conjugate :P
3       3

by friendofafriend

subjugate...sounds like imagine if you are the only authority who is SUBJECTED TO bring the situation under control......and if something happens you will be accountable for you have to CONQUER...every situation in fav
1       8

by preetisoni2411

sub jugaad hai mere pass - everything is under control
1       3

by achilles

Sab + Jo + Gate >> Sab jo gate pe khade hai woh mere guards hai... im the ruler.. i dominate them..
1       0

by RajeshBorkar

0       0

by eric0109

subjugate = sub (every) + jug (age) + ate(eat); Every bad or good time he has passed i.e he can control every situation.
0       0

by shaktipada

subjudge(subjug(ate)- who dominate corruption from evil society.
0       0

by mydicz


Short Definition :

(verb) incite to commit a crime or an evil deed
Example Sentence
  • He suborned his butler to cover up the murder of his wife

(verb) procure (false testimony or perjury)
(verb) induce to commit perjury or give false testimony
Example Sentence
  • The President tried to suborn false witnesses

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for suborn

sub+porn = to force someone to see porn is unlawful
33       8

by 1.6k

break it as SU+BORN.change born to burn (Sanskrit) su(meaning good) + (English) burn i.e., burn good (truth).i.e., order someone to burn the truth i.e., tell lies.
25       35

by garrulous

sex determination of child in womb is unlawful.. but people try to persuade doctors to do it asking SU(what in gujju) born ?? :/
17       7

by becks_geek

SUBORN=SUB(sab in hindi)+ORN(ornaments) ... all pple not having enuf pay wear ornaments taking bribe or similar stuff... ALITER: SAB witness ko ORNaments distribute karna as bribe..
9       5

by guswidgutts

4       1

by dshefman

in the movie BOURNE IDENTITY. The CIA suborns Jason Bourne to be an assassin.
3       1

by dshefman

suborn sounds like it's the opposite of sworn i.e perjury which is making false statements under oath.
2       1

by mohitdia

suborn == sub + orn , suburbs people are easily persuaded to act unlawfully to get ornaments.
1       10

by nasri

latin sub- "secretly" ornare "equip" . Ganster equipped your home completely when you lied in court
1       1

by sandeepsinghsaini

consider a mother's child was stolen from her at his birth. the nurse is asked to suborn by the rascal who stole him from her :(
1       0

by friendofafriend

Terrorist Organizations PERSUADE its militants by telling them"U are BORN for our nation" go fight fot it.
1       0

by krazykunzi

Suborn is giving bribe..its usually the stubborn ppl who don't do the work and we may hav to SUBORN(bribe) dem to get our work done
1       0

by kulks

suborn;show ornate things and induce subordinate into commiting crime.
1       0

by omniscient

Real history of word: SUBORN = SUB + ORN SUB = lower ORN = ornaments lower some one by giving arguments so to induce them to do some false.
1       0

by lokesh755

su + born ~my friend sushant is known for lying especially under oath (perjury)
0       6

by friendofafriend

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