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Short Definition :

(adj) having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
Example Sentence
  • an acute observer of politics and politicians
  • incisive comments
  • icy knifelike reasoning
  • as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang
  • penetrating insight
  • frequent penetrative observations

(adj) suitable for cutting or piercing
Example Sentence
  • incisive teeth

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for incisive

incisive can be correlated with our incisor teeth. which is very sharp both in human and animal, and they use it to cut food thus incisive= incisor= cutting
30       3

by chandrima

Incisive-> It has come from Incision cutting, esp. by a surgeon. Also , Incision sounds similar to scissor (which are your four sharp teeth) used for cutting.
2       0

by adi_agarwal

incisive---incisor...cisor which is used to cut something is sharp :)
1       1

by vamsikrrish17

incisive sounds like insensitive >>> some one who is insensitive can kill someone with some sharp device or his words, etc
0       0

by RajeshBorkar


Short Definition :

(adj) (of weather or climate) severe
(adj) used of persons or behavior; showing no clemency or mercy
Example Sentence
  • the harsh sentence of an inclement judge

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inclement

clemen(t)cy means kind, while inclement means unkind, rude,(for a person) stormy(for weather).
26       9

by dgsenthilkumar

bosses are always incleament when theres time of increament
13       1

by saurabh82del

INCLEMENT = IN(negative) + CLIMATE = Bad Climate/Weather
8       0

by dshefman

clemen(t)(cy) sounds like mercy and means the same. so inclement means merciless, unkind.
4       4

by cp.jethani

sounds like implement i.e. implementing Cunning ideas..
0       2

by ragini1990


Short Definition :

(adj) with your identity concealed
(adv) without revealing one's identity
Example Sentence
  • in Holland he lived incognito as a carpenter in the shipyards of the East India company

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for incognito

consider the word reCOGNITiOn. INCOGNITO can be remembered as IN(-ve prefix)+reCOGNITiOn, i.e avoiding recognition among the public and to do that you conceal your identity or use an assumed name.
45       1

by imajeeth

Cognition means knowledge. Incognito means without knowledge.
8       0

by subhasish

IN (NOT) + Cognition (Recognizable) -> Incognito - Not Recognizable.
1       0

by anujpathania

almost every one will be using the google chrome's incognito window to watch porn, it doesn't come up in your browsers history.. i.e. your identity is safe/concealed
1       1

by ashpreetbedi


Short Definition :

(adj) cannot be removed or erased
Synonyms : unerasable
Example Sentence
  • an indelible stain
  • indelible memories

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for indelible

indelible: in + delete + able- which can't be deleted
67       1

by yokel


Short Definition :

(verb) secure against future loss, damage, or liability; give security for
Example Sentence
  • This plan indemnifies workers against wages lost through illness

(verb) make amends for; pay compensation for
Synonyms : compensate , recompense , repair
Example Sentence
  • One can never fully repair the suffering and losses of the Jews in the Third Reich
  • She was compensated for the loss of her arm in the accident

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for indemnify

look for the word-"demn" which can be connected to "demon" what does demon do? it destroys property.. IN(not)+demni+fy= correct what the demon inside you has done..make amends for it.
27       8

by anshulnirvana

in(not) pay compensation for the loss they incurred to save them from falling into debt.......
3       2

by betsingh.


Short Definition :

(noun) a state of extreme poverty or destitution
Synonyms : need , pauperism , pauperization , penury
Example Sentence
  • their indigence appalled him
  • a general state of need exists among the homeless

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for indigence

Indica + Zen (Cars)…Cars owned by poor people. Antonym:"Opulence" which means "Rich" Mnemonic :Opel Astra(Its a car owned by very rich people)
98       10

by Anvesh

Indian gents are very poor as compared to other countrymen
19       6

by ksameer_coep

indigence- indigenous or aboriginal people in most of the countries are passing their days in extreme poverty.
8       6

by yokel

indigence = india+janta, which is in very poor condition
3       7

by anshulnirvana

indigence ... indigestion due to lack of food... poverty...
1       0

by adyaener

DIG IN for a six pENCE to give the poor
0       1

by vijeta

in(not)+digestion-- poverty striken people who doesnot have food cannot digest.
0       0

by tanmoysinha13

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