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Short Definition :

(noun) a gathering of military personnel for duty
Example Sentence
  • he was thrown in the brig for missing muster

(noun) compulsory military service
(verb) gather or bring together
Synonyms : come up , muster up , rally , summon
Example Sentence
  • muster the courage to do something
  • she rallied her intellect
  • Summon all your courage

(verb) call to duty, military service, jury duty, etc.
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for muster

try rhyming it with "cluster" almost means the same..
44       3

by muffisoni

muster : students assemble in class for "MASTER"
7       2

by nsajan

Muster the seeds to get the mustard oil.
1       3

by nupur10000

muster - every1 must come ie, gather through order forcefully
1       2

by nikhilnitc

We must muster the courage to speak against the music master.
0       3

by nupur10000


Short Definition :

(verb) destroy or injure severely
Synonyms : cut up , mangle
Example Sentence
  • The madman mutilates art work

(verb) alter so as to make unrecognizable
Synonyms : mangle , murder
Example Sentence
  • The tourists murdered the French language

(verb) destroy or injure severely
Synonyms : mar
Example Sentence
  • mutilated bodies

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mutilate

late aa vandhaa muttiliya adi vizhum - mutilate
8       17

by raman_dec

mutiny is late now.. destroy something completely(to damage severely, especially by violently removing a part) or amputate
7       1

by arshnagpal

muti(ny)+late was attacked late nite was severely injured
4       4

by crazylooks

mutilate - muti(URINE)+late .....will destroy kidney lol.
2       7

by amitrathi

LATE resembles death soo body is destroyed ..
1       0

by arram sudhamsh reddy

Mutilate sounds like MOTI- लेट when a MOTI girl lie (लेट) on destroys completely
1       0

by nishantkhandelwal1923

He received injuries to the extent that made him mute. He may succummed to injuries and people may put late before his name e.g. late John
0       0

by aslam_y


Short Definition :

(adj) disposed to or in a state of mutiny
Example Sentence
  • the men became mutinous and insubordinate

(adj) consisting of or characterized by or inciting to mutiny
Example Sentence
  • mutinous acts
  • mutinous thoughts
  • a mutinous speech

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mutinous

We all remember "Sepoy Mutiny" of 1857.
29       7

by garrulous

try to extract mute + tiny from this someone who is neither mute nor tiny... (in thoughts) can be rebellious. mutiny means open rebellion against constituted authority(especially by soldiers against their officers)
12       1

by Administrator

mute + ni= ab hum mutenirahengey= REBEL
1       0

by friendofafriend

mutans of xmen movie are rebellious
1       0

by pragati_gupta

mutinous Moti(fat)+No fat person can be more rebellious
0       0

by machpatel

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