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Short Definition : wild tumult(commotion); wild noisy disorder; CF. Paradise Lost

(noun) a state of extreme confusion and disorder
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for Pandemonium

sounds like harmonium(musical instrument)...a harmonium gone out of array creates noisy disorder...commotion

Pan (all) + Demon (devil) + ium (like) = like full of devils (wild place).

pan+DEMON+ium.. it also means hell.. that is a very noisy and disordered place.. and demon dwells in hell.. hence pandemonium means hell..

PAN+DEMON....if we start making pan cards for demon in India there will be utter confusion because there are very few good people

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this is from movie Dabang of salmankhan he was named pandey n he was very wild n noisy

All are watching Kung fu panda and suddenly PANDA(e) has bcum DEMON...so all of them wer alarmed, shocked and CONFUSED.

Dam.. inside a pen making wild noise.

कोलाहल (m) भारी गड़बड़ी भूतपिशाच का निवास स्थान

All the pandit and muni with harmonium created pandemonium

Sounds like Ande moni hum ... We teased our friend moni throwing eggs .. So there was noise and chaos as people ran here and there to hide frm her


Short Definition : cater to (the low desires of others)

(noun) someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce) Definition
(verb) yield (to); give satisfaction to
Synonyms : gratify indulge
(verb) arrange for sexual partners for others
Synonyms : pimp procure
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pander

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p(pant)+ander(inside)....pant k ander vale ko girlzz chahiye....needs some1 to arrange girlss....call pander...he ll do somethin....

pander - pan(porn) and pander sounds like render...one who renders (give or cater) something porn...make your mnemonic with these words


Pander: Porn + Render. Renderer/Provider/Caterer of porn stuffs

sounds like Pan+Vendor. That Pan vendor is a pander by evening.or just think of vendor....anyone who is catering to the needs of to whom he is supplying

Reminds of Pandher ( Maninder Singh Pandher) found convict in Nithari killing case (as of today-14th feb-09) Have to edit blames from 'Mr.Pandher' now (13/09/09)

Try to relate with pamper.Pander pampers his clients with whatever they want.

PANTER.....pant means trousers.....a person who always plays with his and other people's pants is PANDER

pander: pan+Dar: I know it takes long time to get a pan card if i apply it my self, so i gave it to a BROKER as its very urgent to me,and now i need not to fear about its process,he will get my pan card in 1 day.BROKER

pander sounds like"Bandar"(hindi for monkey)....so for people into the act of pandering i.e. arranging for sexual partners for others...we dont hold them in high regards and call them names like bandar....

out of der(fear in hindi) serving with a pan(meetapan in hindi) to one which is satisfying a low desire of that someone

noun कुटना दलाल (m) verb कुटनाई करना दलाली करना बढ़ावा देना

pander(panther) =panther used for vulgar desire


Short Definition : formal praise; encomium; Ex. I don't deserve such panegyrics.

(noun) a formal expression of praise
Synonyms : encomium eulogy paean pean
(adj) formally expressing praise
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for panegyric

pane sounds like paean means praise and gyric sounds like lyric, so panegyric means expression of praise

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pane(pain)+gyric(lyrics)=if someone takes pain and writes lyrics then he will get <b>PRAISED</b>!!!

panehyric:gyric sounnds like "lyric".so if any song has a good lyric then everybody praise it...in invites appreciation and praises..

it sounds like eugyric which also means praise

Pen + jerry = When Jerry helps Tom from Owner. Tom offers pen to Jerry and say go i.e. formal praise.

If the lyrics of the songs are good then the lyricist will get PRAISEd

pan+e+gyric~juric= i told to jury of india that we need a facility to apply pan cards through E~electonically ie, Online. And ther judge/Jury praised me for this idea.

Looking through a window pane at the formal wear makes me want to express praise, not jeers (gyric)

opposite of pan is panegyrc

sounds like panipuri.. you praise sb if they get you panipuri

PANEGYRIC= PANIGRAHANAM, when panigrahanam happens others praise through manthras


Short Definition : sudden sharp feeling of pain

(noun) a sudden sharp feeling
Synonyms : stab twinge
Example Sentence
  • pangs of regret
  • she felt a stab of excitement
  • twinges of conscience
(noun) a mental pain or distress
Synonyms : sting
Example Sentence
  • a pang of conscience
(noun) a sharp spasm of pain
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pang

If something bangs me, I feel a pang.

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Rhymes with FANG, when fang bites there's PAIN

if someone takes panga(hindi), it is because he is in sharp mental pain

Poke+Sting=Sharp Pain.


Short Definition : denoting an unobstructed and comprehensive view; N. panorama: unbroken view of a wide area

(adj) as from an altitude or distance
Synonyms : bird's-eye
Example Sentence
  • a bird's-eye survey
  • a panoramic view
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for panoramic

horama in Greek means: sight. pan + orama = total view.

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there is a book named panorama..which contains the information of everything...

concentrate on d word mic.....mics are used to send sound to distant palces nd usuallly is at some altitude...

I can capture panoramic view with my sony ericsom mobile

(nora)h jones with stand with a mic at such a place where she will get a pa(noramic) view.

i can use a mic to communicate over great distances

ramember movie "PA".the word is pallet sound like pa let means pa is resting,where?on the bad.but bad is too poor

pan means all and oramic means oracle.its a computer language.how can we go on with computer language just by practicing on comp by seeing with eyes.

we capture some pictures which have wide angle or widespread picture to capture in continuous frame.. ie COMPREHENSIVE OR UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW.

panoramic -seems like ramadhiya place which you like to see without any obstruction , with unbroken view


Short Definition : acting without dialogue; V.

(noun) a performance using gestures and body movements without words
Synonyms : dumb show mime
(verb) act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only
Synonyms : mime
Example Sentence
  • The acting students mimed eating an apple
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pantomime

panto+mime mime means acting without word.i.e. we can get mime in PANTO movie.

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Pant of mine is gone, can't talk because of embarrassment.

rember a frnd pinto who cnt speak so he acts without dialogie.....:)

tushaar kapoor performs a pantomime in golmaal movies

pant+o+mime...when you talk a lot you tend to pant so mime(act) without panting(talking).

Mr.Bean's pantomime was the best(both by meaning of pantomime and the concept)

pant + of + mine >>> In bheja fry 2 when monkey takes away KK Menon's pant, Bhushan does an actions just like a monkey which were without words and gets the pants back from monkey..


Short Definition : ancient paper made from stem of papyrus plant

(noun) paper made from the papyrus plant by cutting it in strips and pressing it flat; used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks and Romans Definition
(noun) tall sedge of the Nile valley yielding fiber that served many purposes in historic times Definition
(noun) a document written on papyrus
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for papyrus

papyrus: sounds like paper thing


Short Definition : short simple story teaching a moral

(noun) a short moral story (often with animal characters)
Synonyms : allegory apologue fable
(noun) (New Testament) any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message
Example Sentence
  • the parable of the prodigal son
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parable

para+able.. is a small PARAgraph that makes u able.. (i.e. gives morals)

Is sounds like para+ fable .. fable expressed in one para(short)

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It sounds like fable (moral story)

whatever ends in ABLE is a story... para means SHORT...

parable = para + able; This para of the story is able to give the complete description of the story.

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