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Short Definition : green crust on old bronze works or copper; tone slowly taken by varnished painting

(noun) a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patina

Patila(a utensil made of copper) gets rusted and a green layer called patina is formed on it.


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patina sounds like patna where u find green crust on old bronze works

A lover gave his girl friend a metal ring but wo PATI NA (she was not flattered) why? because that that ring had patina over it, she was not impressed.

paint, put on a layer of green PAINT

think of GREEN color bajaj PLATINA Rusting away.....

pattina in telugu means something is attached..pakudu pattina..means like algae has been attached..algae=green in colour..

Patina..like Patna... Imagine, you find Statue of Liberty in Patna...Statue of Liberty is green because its made of copper... Just remember...Statue of Liberty in Patna

'gadda patina' refers to top layer

copper when gets really old will get converted into a green crusty ISOTOPE of PLATINUM


Short Definition : local or provincial dialect

(noun) a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
Example Sentence
  • they don't speak our lingo
(noun) a regional dialect of a language (especially French); usually considered substandard
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patois

(Sounds like potato) Some say patois, some say potato and some say aloo while all seem that round vegetable only difference of language.

pato+is...say your friend is saying you to "pataoo(flirt) isko (that girl)..by talking in her own patois.

Patois - 'pat'a nahi k'onsi' bhasha bol raha hai

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its origin from french..where patois means to handle something very clumsily.so illetrate people basically handle situation very clumsily while communicating so they don't give much importance to what they are saying hence use dilects.which are genar

haven't u heard the phrase - "pataeto potaeto" means two ways of saying potato, different dialects will have different ways

Split like PATO+IS.. PATO IS a brazillan player who speaks in his local brazillan language.

focus on PAT ..means..exactly suited to the situation....so the DILECTS WHICH are said by particular group of people , are SITUATION BASED, OR SPOKEN DURING a particular SITUATION.

The spelling is a hard part OIS stands for Other Interpretations of Sentences

patois is pronounced as "pathwa" which is similar to "Fatwa" which is given by the regional Muslim leader. Speech by regional muslim clergy. ...yeah,well no one cares what jargon muslim clergy uses

ragra paetis..maharashtran jargon and substandard one at that..perfect mnemonic

patois is pronounced as "patwa" from this pronouncing one could remember that each country read it in their own ways.. because difference in their accent.

Example:Bhojpuri dialect



Short Definition : father and ruler of a family or tribe

(noun) title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches (in Istanbul and Alexandria and Moscow and Jerusalem) Definition
(noun) the male head of family or tribe
Synonyms : paterfamilias
(noun) any of the early biblical characters regarded as fathers of the human race Definition
(noun) a man who is older and higher in rank than yourself
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patriarch

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partri+arch patri=father......hence partiarch is father of family or tribe

just as MONARCH means ruler, patriarch is ruler of a family or tribe

pati+arch.......so arch means a single ruler and that person is pati i.e. father of family

patriarch -patri means father and arch means the ruler and patriarch society means the society dominated by the male


Short Definition : noble; aristocratic; N: person of high rank; aristocrat; CF. member of the governing classes in ancient Rome; CF. plebian

(noun) a person of refined upbringing and manners Definition
(noun) a member of the aristocracy
Synonyms : aristocrat blue blood
(adj) befitting a person of noble origin
Example Sentence
  • a patrician nose
(adj) belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy
Example Sentence
  • an aristocratic family
  • aristocratic Bostonians
  • aristocratic government
  • a blue family
  • blue blood
  • the blue-blooded aristocracy
  • of gentle blood
  • patrician landholders of the American South
  • aristocratic bearing
  • aristocratic features
  • patrician tastes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patrician

consider ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL those who study in that school are noble

pater = father, patres = fatehrs in Latin. So, anything with "patr" in the beginning will refer to father(ly figures).

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Imagine a girl named Patricia with gowns and aristocratic dress

patri=pati, i want my pati to be noble

a member of a PATRIARCHY.

Patrician The father of nation.

patrician~britan; They are very critical about their behaviour in public as they think they are noble and aristocratic!

PA(papa)+TRICIan(tricky)...so a father playing tricky games is an aristocrat

a person who is having patriotic feeling over his country is considered to be a noblest person


Short Definition : property inherited from a father

(noun) a church endowment Definition
(noun) an inheritance coming by right of birth (especially by primogeniture)
Synonyms : birthright
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patrimony

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patrimony sounds like part money..part of money...so a son gets a PART OF MONEY FROM HIS FATHER.

Patri-> Paternal. Mony-> Money. Parimony = Paternal (Father) Money


Short Definition : support; act superior toward; treat in a condescending manner; be a customer of; N. patron: one that supports; regular customer; N. patronage; CF. boycott

(verb) assume sponsorship of
Synonyms : patronise sponsor
(verb) do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of Definition
(verb) treat condescendingly
Synonyms : condescend patronise
(verb) be a regular customer or client of
Example Sentence
  • We patronize this store
  • Our sponsor kept our art studio going for as long as he could
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patronize

PATRO(father)+NIZE(nice)....we get NICE SUPPORT from our FATHER

If u remember Patronus--from latin it will give u a lot of words like patriarch (Patri+ arch: ruled by father or eldest male) well you father is giving u regular pat (encouragement)


Short Definition : scarcity; dearth

(noun) an insufficient quantity or number
Synonyms : dearth
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for paucity

pau - paav as in paav bhaji and only one "paav" for the whole city...so obviously it will be scarce

take it as somebody saying about a city as pau;in hindi PAU(pao-a small weght)i.e "ek pau ki to city hai"

paucity=scarcity....these two words rhyme....

pa+city works has been PAused in CITY bcoz of SCARICITY

pau+city=in bangla pau means to get(pawa)In city it is very difficult to get (city te pawa khub kothin)

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Paw+City, Just replace PAU/W with SCAR/E. If animals attack with their PAWs, it leaves SCARs and we get SCAREd.

In a "city", there is a "scarcity" of many things

Beautiful City called PAU (parries) is very small and scarcity of cold of minus degree temperature.

paucity: pav means a low money in telugu......so by this scarcity comes

PAUper - Poor individual PAUcity - poor state of affairs

"pau"(bread)+"city" ---> sohore pauruti nai

+city—the city in whch only paav are available LACKS in vegetables

a city where anything is not sufficient....


Short Definition : very poor person

(noun) a person who is very poor
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pauper

Person jisko "pau"(bread) "per" jina padata hai use poor person kahete hai

Imagine a poor person,he does not even have proper clothes to wear.so PAUPER can be remembered from PROPER.

pauper sounds like PAPPAD, jisko jine ke leye pappad belne padte hain,the extremely poor person

Poor Person in 'accent will be pronounced as Pau(poor)-Per(son)

Jo apne "pau per(on his feet)" khara nahi hoga wo garib hoga

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A "very poor person" does not have enough money to buy slippers so uske PAU(feet) PAR chaale ho gaye h

if you see a poor person begging then you say paupam dabbulu levu antam

pau(poor) Per(son)

pauper:one who doesnt have proper supper, is poor.

PAU(paused)+PER(person)....remember like a very poor person is like a paused person

remember paper for pauper. without the most valuable paper (money)everyone is pauper

pauper= pavla(0.25 rs in telugu)+ person

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