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Short Definition : restate a passage in one's own words while retaining thought of author; N: restatement of a text in other words

(noun) rewording for the purpose of clarification
Synonyms : paraphrasis

(verb) express the same message in different words
Synonyms : rephrase , reword

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for paraphrase

Para+phrase. (convert paragraph to a translation)
3       1

by Rahul.itsource

its like paragraph written using our own phrases
1       0

by Insane

PARAI+PHRASE- to put something PARARI(belonging to others) in ur words/PHRASE. PHRASE PARAI things
1       1

by userdce


Short Definition : animal or plant living on another; toady; sycophant; CF. para-: beside

(noun) an animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host
(noun) a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage
Synonyms : leech , sponge , sponger

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parasite

para (Skt) means other. Site means place to build home.
Parasite means: insect living on other person's body.
2       0

by garrulous


Short Definition : extremely dry; very thirsty; V. parch: make or become extremely dry (by exposure to heat)

(adj) dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight
Synonyms : adust , baked , scorched , sunbaked
Example Sentence
  • a vast desert all adust
  • land lying baked in the heat
  • parched soil
  • the earth was scorched and bare
  • sunbaked salt flats

(adj) toasted or roasted slightly
Example Sentence
  • parched corn was a staple of the Indian diet

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parched

if you parked the car in open, then due to sunlight and greenhouse effect it will become hot or dry
25       13

by anshulnirvana

parched = P (police) after + marched (parade)= they become dry and thirsty
9       3

by rajpt_007

parked the car because of thirsty .so u need to drink cool drink
5       10

by maheshv

In March (and April) the summer is at its peak in places like delhi,nagpur,mumbai ... the climate becomes extremely dry and hence you are extremely thirsty
2       3

by khushi5

Parched!! ..Pls try the word preched instead for remembering. Think about the story of thirsty crow perched on a tree which put stones so that it can drink water from pot.
2       1

by puliyanuketto

if you are left in a car PARKED in sunlight ..then after sometime you will become THIRSTY...
1       1

by lebshah

if u march[walk] in march you will be thirsty[parched]
0       1

by elixir

after marching in parade or pocession you feel dry and thirsty
0       1

by aman454

I "marched" in the parade thats y m feeling thirsty
0       0

by aditibehl

Yeo(GEO)man = earth man means FARMER.....!!!!
0       0

by vinaykjay


Short Definition : writing material made from the skin of a sheep or goat

(noun) a superior paper resembling sheepskin
(noun) skin of a sheep or goat prepared for writing on
Synonyms : lambskin , sheepskin

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parchment

parch => dry (something dried) ment => an advantage
2       17

by garrulous

In olden days marching Sheeps and Goats were killed to make INK out of them
2       3

by Phanik12312

parch rhymes with march and it is meant for writing.parchment is maent for writing words on them that ia paper prepared from sheep or goat
0       0

by isabella swan


Short Definition : cut away the outer covering or skin of (with a knife); trim; Ex. pare apples/expenses

(verb) decrease gradually or bit by bit
Synonyms : pare down

(verb) cut small bits or pare shavings from
Synonyms : whittle
Example Sentence
  • whittle a piece of wood

(verb) strip the skin off
Synonyms : peel , skin
Example Sentence
  • pare apples

(verb) remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size
Synonyms : trim
Example Sentence
  • pare one's fingernails
  • trim the photograph
  • trim lumber

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pare

for pare,we can remember spare,"we generally say spare a little bit for us also". Pare can be referred to a bit.
18       5

by anudeep meka

You PARE your food when you eat SPARINGLY.
4       1

by dshefman

sounds like PAIR...pair means when you become two i.e when you get a girl friend, your money from the wallet gets PARED day by day....
4       1

by nileshdive

pare rhymes with tear
1       0

by namratha25

i wont spare u wait iam cmg to pare ur skin.idiot
0       1

by isabella swan


Short Definition : social outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah

(noun) a person who is rejected (from society or home)
Synonyms : castaway , ishmael , outcast

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pariah

consider it as paraya.. which in Hindi means stranger.. hence it could be an outcast..
71       5

by muffisoni

paria(fairy) are different from us and cannot be taken into our society, outcast
7       3

by logic87

Pariah: Pari->Sari. If Someone discomfits a woman anyway by pulling her sari, he will definitely be SOCIAL OUTCAST. (Any way pls don't mind)
2       6

by prosun

Pariah was an outcast in the choir because her voice didn't sound like Mariah's.
1       0

by DeathByGRE

pariah :: Pare Ho : As is said in local hindi language pare ho (go away), so a Pariah is someone who is rejected from society and is ordered to stay away
0       1

by zaid_ls

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