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    latitude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word latitude

    (noun) the angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself Definition
    (noun) freedom from normal restraints in conduct
    Example Sentence
    • the new freedom in movies and novels
    • allowed his children considerable latitude in how they spent their money
    (noun) an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator Definition
    (noun) scope for freedom of e.g. action or thought; freedom from restriction
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for latitude

mnemonic:latitude:can be interpreted as lasting attitude,...and any one who's got a good atitude will always be free from narrow thoughts, he/she will never become narrow minded because they have a good attitude.

geographically latitude runs horizontally so you have the freedom to move as widely as u can... ur movement is free from narrow limitations

Let IT go attiTUDE

latitude -> lenient attitude

Altitude for vertical side (to measure height) , Latitude for horizontal side (to measure width.)

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and we all know our atitude towards life makes the difference in our thinking and perception.

Levitated Attitude->Levitate means lighten,to cause to float in the air, so Latitude means Freedom of Attitude

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