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Short Definition :

(noun) a persistently annoying person
Synonyms : blighter , cuss , pest , pesterer

(noun) any of various large flies that annoy livestock
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gadfly

Think of it as a Badfly or a biting fly who IRRITATES.
44       1

by nic42991

In Hindi Gadha(Gad)+Fly
6       1

by mahaveerjain

gaddfi, the libian leader , who is most irritating to world
1       0

by onno manush

GAD (gand = GAnD) ie ass biting fly naturally ass of animal, and whichever fly bites us irritates us
1       0

by skyfall

Shoo fly, don't bother me!
0       2

by yummyenmin1216


Short Definition :

(noun) a socially awkward or tactless act
Synonyms : faux pas , gaucherie , slip , solecism

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gaffe

Disney character Goofy who was always making Blunders.
67       4

by amit251285

sounds like internet caffe....there always social blunders in internet caffe
11       2

by rahulkhadse

A giraffe is very gaffe since it is very uncoordinated and it's social behavior lacks coordination as well.
7       13

by nic42991

gaffe sounds like buffet (meal party) .... you should know the etiquette of eating in a buffet otherwise you might make a gaffe (Social blunder) !
5       5

by khushi5

Gaffe rhymes with Gape - open mouth in amazement. If U gape at someone's Galfrnd at party it is social blunder.
1       1

by fanatic

sounds like gadaffi..whose rule in libya is social blonder...
1       1

by ranuclarke


Short Definition :

(verb) take exception to
Synonyms : challenge , dispute
Example Sentence
  • She challenged his claims

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gainsay

she has (Gain)ed weight but is not (say)ing it which means, she is denying the fact.
130       6

by sanjunsai

29       7

by bugmenot

GAINSAY~ GHANTE SEY...we say ghante sey when we want to deny GAINSAY=GHANTE SEY= DENY
15       4

by omkarkhare

to "GAIN"(say profit) you have to "SAY" something(challenge something)
6       7

by boybluffs

Those opposed to dishonest GAIN SAY it is unethical.
1       3

by memory man

u have something to gain by saying lies.
1       5

by passion2win

Gai(gay's) say (open speech) is disputed/challenged/not accepted in our society.
1       2

by Wiki

SAY a girl puts up or GAINS aa lot of weight.She will be DENIED to follow her usual heavy diet
1       1

by manoj0909

if a GAY says some thing then it is contradicted by others.
1       1

by pramodkalvala

when somebody (gain)s weight they [deny] (say)ing it obviously.
0       1

by kesurocks

gainsay = a say need gain is always weak commenti.e contradictory.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(noun) an opening remark intended to secure an advantage for the speaker
Synonyms : ploy

(noun) a maneuver in a game or conversation
Synonyms : ploy , stratagem

(noun) a chess move early in the game in which the player sacrifices minor pieces in order to obtain an advantageous position
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gambit

gambit - remember GAMBIR who is the OPENING batsman... gambit is opening in chess
38       0

by the suspect

GAMBIT > In a GAMe you have to GAMBle a BIT to win!
30       4

by avinav

Think of gautham GAMBHIR...he always takes risks and achieves an advantage
3       1

by nikki123

he gambled for now for future advantage
2       1

by maheshv

Gambit="game"+"bit"(beat)==to beat someone in a game(chess) you need to find the openings
1       0

by somabrata

GAMBIT == GAMe BaIT -- Game Bait : Bait given in a game (sacrifice for future gain)
1       0

by ilarum

'Game''beat' means beating in game by gambit
0       0

by FBK

Don't u remember King's Gambit in which a Bishop is sacrificed
0       0

by tapobratabag

Starting the "Game" a "Bit" weekly
0       0

by melancholica


Short Definition :

(adj) lacking orderly continuity
Example Sentence
  • a confused set of instructions
  • a confused dream about the end of the world
  • disconnected fragments of a story
  • scattered thoughts

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for garbled

remember it wid hindi word GADBAD
16       4

by swtu

garb (relate it to GARBAGE) AND IN GARBAGE all the spoiled and distorted materials are mixed up.
10       1

by preetisoni2411

Relate it with GARGLE... so when our voice get distorted or mixed up voice comes out.. we do gargle... to make it rite....
4       2

by torque.167

Any Project with Confused or insequential instructions leads (LED) to GARBage output, hence GARB-LED
3       1

by dornap

GARB(age) LE(a)Ds to distorted and mixed up things
1       0

by crazylooks

pronounce "g" in it as "j" and then u can see that it kinda sounds like "Jumbled" which almost means the same as "Garbled"
1       0

by melancholica

remember it with GARGLE. when you gargle water in your throat gets mixed up.
0       0

by ruined


Short Definition :

(adj) of great mass; huge and bulky
Synonyms : elephantine , giant , jumbo
Example Sentence
  • a jumbo jet
  • jumbo shrimp

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gargantuan

GAN(R)G + ANT = ARMY OF ANTS which is quite huge.
30       1

by himanshu dhumash

ghar mein ants which are enormous.
3       6

by cp.jethani

remember ORANGUTAN.. which is huge monkey
2       0

by vazudew

gargantuan: sounds like ghar ka ghanta; A 'ghanta' (BELL) is enormous compared to 'ghanti'
1       1

by jay_gandhi

my frnd R**** GARG as compared to an ANT is very will help u if u have a huge frnd named garg..:P
1       0

by Rohita

I have a friend named Yash GARG, he is huge and enormous in size :P , so try to imagine a friend named Garg too
0       3

by fabregas

sounds similar to "gigantic" which means huge and enormous.
0       2

by saumya88

Garg aunty is of gargantuan size.
0       0

by nupur10000

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