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Short Definition : worship of idols; excessive admiration or devotion; ADJ. idolatrous

(noun) religious zeal; the willingness to serve God
Synonyms : cultism , devotion , veneration

(noun) the worship of idols; the worship of images that are not God
Synonyms : idol worship

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for idolatry

combination of idol+ adulatory(adulation) gives the meaning
20       0

by imajeeth

idol+atry::idol ki aarti(मराठी)...worship of idol..
7       1

by rahulkhadse

idol..ideal....god ram is a ideal man....and we WORSHIP and devout to him.
0       2

by preetisoni2411


Short Definition : charmingly carefree; simple and happy; Ex. idyllic scene

(adj) excellent and delightful in all respects
Example Sentence
  • an idyllic spot for a picnic

(adj) suggestive of an idyll; charmingly simple and serene
Example Sentence
  • his idyllic life in Tahiti

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for idyllic

sounds like idli...south indian dish...and its a very simple food.
37       3

by ashay.ut

Sounds like being idle. when we are idle without work we are jolly.
8       0

by itgulpp

idyll.sounds like...ideal..indian ideal participant..who use to look CHARMINGLY CAREFREE...SIMPLE AND VERY HAPPY.
3       11

by preetisoni2411

idyllic:---> something that is ideal is excellent and delightful in all respects,.. like ideal place for research
2       0

by nikhilparasher

idyllic: hiedi-lic- who s known to be so carefree n simple.. (hiedi the cartoon character)
1       0

by madness

I love IDILLY (south indian dish)
0       8

by userdce

idyllic,it sounds like ideal ki tarah in hindi.which is a ideal person is peceful and perfect in all manner
0       0

by gdabli


Short Definition : produced by fire; of fire; volcanic; (of rocks) formed from lava; Ex. igneous meteorite

(adj) produced under conditions involving intense heat
Synonyms : pyrogenic , pyrogenous
Example Sentence
  • igneous rock is rock formed by solidification from a molten state; especially from molten magma
  • igneous fusion is fusion by heat alone
  • pyrogenic strata

(adj) produced by the action of fire or intense heat
Synonyms : eruptive
Example Sentence
  • rocks formed by igneous agents

(adj) like or suggestive of fire
Synonyms : fiery
Example Sentence
  • a fiery desert wind
  • an igneous desert atmosphere

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for igneous

ignite is to fire. "ign" in general as a prefix refers to fire.
9       0

by garrulous

may rhyme like AGNIous where agni(hindi) is fire
5       0

by userdce

We all know the bike Ignition where we put key and do kick. Then fire will generate to start bike. So ignition means generating fire.
1       0

by psrev


Short Definition : kindle; light; catch fire or set fire to

(verb) cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat
Synonyms : light
Example Sentence
  • Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter
  • Light a cigarette

(verb) start to burn or burst into flames
Example Sentence
  • Marsh gases ignited suddenly
  • The oily rags combusted spontaneously

(verb) arouse or excite feelings and passions
Synonyms : fire up , heat , inflame , stir up , wake
Example Sentence
  • The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor
  • The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world
  • Wake old feelings of hatred

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ignite during night time you put on light, or you set remember night..and this word has do do sth with night and light
3       0

by preetisoni2411


Short Definition : unworthy; not noble; dishonorable; Ex. ignoble deed

(adj) completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose
Example Sentence
  • something cowardly and ignoble in his attitude
  • I think it a less evil that some criminals should escape than that the government should play an ignoble part

(adj) not of the nobility
Synonyms : ungentle , untitled
Example Sentence
  • of ignoble (or ungentle) birth
  • untitled civilians

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ignoble

igno(ignore)+ble(able) if something IS unworthy and not noble, ONE should be able to ignore them.
11       4

by preetisoni2411

ignoble = igno[r]able coz not worthy to be noted
3       4

by chandrima

ignoble::::i+G(agree)+NOBLE.....if someone says to you "yes,i agree..he is NOT NOBLE..."...that means its now proved that he is IGNOBLE/unworthy/not noble...
2       1

by verbal800

IGNORANCE+NOBLE.....a person who ignores noble people is not noble
1       0

by nileshdive

So,it is of following order Noble-->Gentry-->Ignoble.
0       1

by rakei

to whom u will ignore...??? which not worthy..
0       0

by shaktiman800


Short Definition : deep disgrace; shame or dishonor; ADJ. ignominious; Ex. ignominous defeat

(noun) a state of dishonor
Synonyms : disgrace , shame
Example Sentence
  • one mistake brought shame to all his family
  • suffered the ignominy of being sent to prison

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ignominy

IGNO(IGNORE)+miny(enemy) YOU ignore your enemy because you have a DEEP DISGRACE FOR HIM.
44       11

by preetisoni2411

ignominy = igno + mini; igno = ignorable why? because its mini = small so to ignore someone because s/he is small is shameful and dishonarable for that person so ignominy = deep disgrace.
19       7

by chandrima

ignominy: i+ GNOME +ny...when i am gnome(dwarf) i feel shamefull or humiliation
7       3

by hidus

Ignominy=Ignore+Me so if you ignore me i will fell dishonour, disgrace and shame
6       2

by fabregas

no NOMINATION for the film, is a deep ignominy
4       2

by sridif

I Got NO MoNey so I'll be dishonored.
2       2

by shadip

ME TO PAPA:" PAPA,WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MINI?" PAPA"BECAUSE SHE HAS disgraced/brought shame/deep dishonour to the family by running away with our neighbourhood uncle and getting secretly married.."....................:)
2       2

by verbal800

Defeat of enemy (Australia) in the world cup final is a joyful event for India and an ignominy for the Australia...
2       2

by NikhilAgl

mini ... wearing mini skirt bring deep disgrace to community (no problem i want to see girls in mini skirt .. hehe)
1       6

by digi123

She IGNORED Penis of mine because it was mini. that was a token of dishonor and shame on me (No offense meant).. This is a totally hypothetical situation..dont blv it
1       2

by mit006

ignore + miny(mini) >> the girl who wears mini's, we have LEAST HONOR for that girl..
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

1       1

by Jackery

Someone who practices polygamy should suffer from ignominy!
1       1

by rashik10

I Gave NO MoNY, but every body gave so I feel shame
1       0

by tharki banda

remember the last part (miny); Mini Mathur is a disgrace...
0       2

by jay_gandhi

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