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Short Definition :

(adj) deeply absorbed in thought
Example Sentence
  • as distant and bemused as a professor listening to the prattling of his freshman class
  • lost in thought
  • a preoccupied frown

(adj) perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment
Example Sentence
  • obviously bemused by his questions
  • bewildered and confused
  • a cloudy and confounded philosopher
  • just a mixed-up kid
  • she felt lost on the first day of school

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bemused

Be mouse(think,muse) for one day. confused or bemused?
6       9

by sanjeev

Not a mnemonic:Amuse=make someone laugh. Bemuse=make confusion. Muse=ponder. Think,confuse,laugh.
5       3

by rakei

split the word bemused into be + amused, when u are amused you are in a state of surprise or confusion
2       15

by swaroop_cn

be+m+used--- we are always CONFUSED to buy a BE-USED (previously used) product(car/bike/electronics)
2       0

by nikhilparasher

'bemuse' sounds like 'demused' which can be split into De(without/bereft)+Mused(Muse=inspiration/mentor);thus,somebody who has lost his/her Muse is 'confused' and doesn't know what to do next
1       0

by melancholica

bemused ~ be confused + used; he is thinking a lot to convert his invention into useful commercial product.
0       0

by editor1

be+amused = bemused
0       1

by nanim17

A-muse is laugh laugh laugh. B(e) muse is confusion confusion confusion
0       0

by YOJ


Short Definition :

(adj) not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive (especially of a tumor)
(adj) pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence
Synonyms : benignant
Example Sentence
  • a benign smile
  • the benign sky
  • the benign influence of pure air

(adj) kindness of disposition or manner
Example Sentence
  • the benign ruler of millions
  • benign intentions

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for benign

benign- bene(good) + sign
23       3

by reveeriee

opposite of malign
19       6

by 1.6k

Cloud number nine (BY Bryan adams) . so nign or nine is good. Benign is to be pleasant, good etc.
15       11

by sanjeev

Benign sounds like B9 ~ BNice .. Therefore kind
11       0

by rahularoradce

read it as BEGIN: u begin something when its favorable/good..or when a tumor is in the beginning stage, its not dangerous
3       0

by mohit26041988

rhymes after Quinine--the panacea for Malaria-->+ve in all sense
1       8

by soumen

1       4

by getsandeepiitd1

to BE on cloud NINE, we have to be gentle and kind with everyone
1       1

by nikhilparasher

benign sounds like begin; this kind of beginning is favorable and beneficial for our all future projects.
0       0

by editor1

benign * malign
0       2

by jay_gandhi

its always better if beginning should be favorable to us
0       2

by xecutive

lets break it this way be+nice which is kind
0       0

by hiteshk


Short Definition :

(verb) censure severely or angrily
Example Sentence
  • The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car
  • The deputy ragged the Prime Minister
  • The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for berate

his friends berated(criticized) him for showing them b-rated movie..
56       1

by vivek.....

brate - b + rate : So if you will watch B RATing movie you will be scolded
10       2

by sanchit

be+rate ~ he was RATEd BElow expectations and hence forth scolded.
6       0

by logic87

berate- berry + ate He scolded me strongly as i ate his berry
5       0

by karthipk

2       4

by emdmehr

lets break Be+Rate. when we go to something as we see different rates in different shops..and we scold them as aBEy RATE kya re......
2       6

by tariq431

DErate(not to rete someone is also a kind of scolding)....when you berate someone, you derate him.....
2       0

by nileshdive

The servant failed to get the Basmati rice at the desired RATE, therefore the owner scolded him severely.
1       0

by smartankit_27

when girl came to know she was be..rated by others she scolded them strongly(berated )
1       1

by yasha


Short Definition :

(noun) one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury
Synonyms : berserker

(adj) frenzied as if possessed by a demon
Synonyms : amok , amuck , demoniac , demoniacal , possessed
Example Sentence
  • the soldier was completely amuck
  • berserk with grief
  • a berserk worker smashing windows

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for berserk

ye to BER ber hi kiye ja raha hai. lagta hai dimag SARAK gaya hai iska
13       1

by mit006

divide it like --ber+serk-->serak..if someone gets madly EXCITED about something..we say..SARAK GAYA YE TO....
11       1

by preetisoni2411

erk- this word,in he word berserk resembles the meaning erked,that means somthing mad about or violent.
8       7

by sriharisharma

ber + serk(shark) ....shark is angry and out of control
7       0

by Taib

Berserk resembles the hindi word Besabar.. someone who's madly excited about something..
5       11

by Jyoti.Chhibber

Berserk resembles the hindi word Besabar.. someone who's madly excited about something..
4       5

by Jyoti.Chhibber

berserk == ber (bar) + serk (shirk) when the manager saw the bartender is shirk, he became angry(berserk).
4       2

by nasri

Berserk : Ransack!
3       1

by shootdemup!

be+risk if someone is more angry he is at risk
2       1

by kollivijayramya

when we are mad or voilent anger....and somebody not giving the way for us then we shall say" abey sarak "
1       2

by tariq431

beer peke insan ka dimag kharab hojata hai aur woh wild hojata hai
1       1

by karan sood

beer se dimag sarka hain
1       1

by swap.kamble

remember the movie shrek...where the main charecter always gets in to anger..
0       0

by ranuclarke

BELKUL(Hindi) + SARAK(Mad - Hindi)
0       0

by vocabIsFun

 Bark + shirk : when a person is mad in anger, he barks like a dog and bitse like a shark
0       0

by divine_sword

beher sarkho we will say this when we are very angery on someone
0       0



Short Definition :

(verb) surround so as to force to give up
Synonyms : beleaguer , circumvent , hem in , surround
Example Sentence
  • The Turks besieged Vienna

(verb) cause to feel distressed or worried
Example Sentence
  • She was besieged by so many problems that she got discouraged

(verb) harass, as with questions or requests
Example Sentence
  • The press photographers besieged the movie star

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for besiege

divide it like-->be+siege(seize)-- Indian army has seized the line of control, and now the whole area is surrounded by armed forces.
6       0

by preetisoni2411

be + seize = u are seized by armed forces / by some1 who is continiously annoying u ..!!
2       0

by abbaraju.pranith


Short Definition :

(verb) charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone
Example Sentence
  • The journalists have defamed me!
  • The article in the paper sullied my reputation

(verb) smear so as to make dirty or stained
Synonyms : smirch

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for besmirch

Besmirch= kisi ki achi reputation ko mirche lga ke bigadna
28       6

by Administrator

Besmirch = Bees + Mirch (In Hindi language Bees means twenty and Mirch means pepper) So,if you will add twenty pepper, you will definitely spoil the food.
16       1

by Administrator

besMIRCH-ifu chk the word mirch,it calls to our mind chilli's .chillis grown on soil,so is to meaning.
9       13

by sriharisharma

mirch -> mirchi fm. hearing mirchi fm before exam will spoil the exam
2       2

by chid1989

BE (meaning throughout) + MIRE (to sully, dirty, muddy)= to fully ruin a reputation
1       2

by tivoli25

bees bees mirchi dalega to khana to spoil hona hi hain
1       2

by swap.kamble

kisike base pe mirch lagana matlam usko maign kar dena
1       1

by dont_dare

smirch sounds like smirk. His SMIRK left a STAIN in my mind
1       0

by soomin_kang

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