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vociferous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vociferous

(adj) conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry
Synonyms : blatant , clamant , clamorous , strident
Example Sentence
  • blatant radios
  • a clamorous uproar
  • strident demands
  • a vociferous mob

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vociferous

57       0

by usairforce1985

take the second part of word --> FEROUS !!! it is oer of IRON .. so when iron peices collide with each other ... they make noise !! "" ferous --> iron --> collide to make noise ""
26       2

by meetrahulkhandelwal

sounds like "voice of ferous(iron)" which is very noisy.
9       0

by cp.jethani

Vociferous (Voice(y) + Furs) Imagine a bird fluttering its wings rapidly in air. What kind of sound its FURS (of Wings) gonna make?? Very OFFENSIVELY LOUD SOUND.
3       5

by r4nj33t

Vociferous (loud)is the opposite of harmonious (peaceful).
1       3

by pushpa_edit

vocy or walky talky is quite noisy
1       0

by 1.6k

do you remembr the cindrella's aunty had a cat called LUCIFER. its a rugged cat which never listens to what the aunt says and makes noises. the arrogant cat. so lucifer = vocifer(ous) = noisy , loud
1       0

by arulmozhi

voice furious
0       0

by friendofafriend

vociferous = Voice + ferous (cut something); sound is going to cut something i.e loud sound.
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by shaktipada

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