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    cant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cant

    (noun) stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition
    Synonyms : buzzword
    (noun) a slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force
    Synonyms : bank , camber
    (noun) a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
    Synonyms : argot , jargon , lingo , patois , slang , vernacular
    Example Sentence
    • they don't speak our lingo
    (noun) insincere talk about religion or morals
    Synonyms : pious platitude
    (noun) two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees
    Synonyms : bevel , chamfer
    (verb) heel over
    Synonyms : cant over , pitch , slant , tilt
    Example Sentence
    • The tower is tilting
    • The ceiling is slanting
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cant

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monks will be ChANT ing mantras . its known only for saints and monks

i cant understand their(a particular group lik thieves] CANT eg in movies, RajniKANT's language&the hypocrisy he shows 2wrds Gods(i.e. insincere expressions of piety)> As i knw only hindi or english.....i cant understand his CANT

cant= short cut of "can not". when someone ignored to do any work i.e. he cannot do that . that expressing an insincerity type of talk..

chant ~ nice and pious words.. cant is opposite

can't trust someone who cants

u cant understand a cant language

evry group has its SLANG, which they use while having a break in CANTeen

if you forget the password u CANT access ur account. secret word known by only those who are using it.

CAnT—sounds like a cat—which is considered to be bad religiously.. so a BAD talk abt religious matters

Use like this.. You CAN'T wish to be a thief to share their language.. also Your good spirit CAN'T be insinciere in religious or moral matters..

cant is used by a small group of people it should be cannot.

I can't believe this religious cant.

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