morbid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word morbid

(adj) suggesting an unhealthy mental state
Example Sentence
  • morbid interest in death
  • morbid curiosity
(adj) suggesting the horror of death and decay
Synonyms : ghoulish
Example Sentence
  • morbid details
(adj) caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology
Example Sentence
  • diseased tonsils
  • a morbid growth
  • pathologic tissue
  • pathological bodily processes

Memory aid to help you memorize this

MORBID = MORTAL (deadly) + BITE (like of an insect) --> a deadly bite is unhealthy and disease related.
34        3
more+bed = more thoughts about dying on a bed
18        0
rhymes with maarpeet=fight,war--->horror of war and death
5        5
morbid=more+bed..i.e v'l b on bed 4 more time(hosptlised) wen v r DESEASED & v DWEL ON HORBLE THNGS.
2        0
look at BID...if u are biding on a shares and loose.. u vill have bad mindset....and on contrary if an insect bites...that leads to diseases
0        2
biding a dead body
0        0
rhymes with moribund which means on verge of death, morbid means horrifying,shocking so death is also horrifying, shocking
0        0
'BID' farewell to a dead body rotting in a 'MOR'GUE.
0        0

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