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Short Definition : generous gift (given to people who do not have enough)

(noun) a gift or money given (as for service or out of benevolence); usually given ostentatiously
Synonyms : largesse

(noun) liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for largess

largess=Large+S+S==> Large Social Service. that is Gift to society.
43       3

by ravigre

largess( large ss) large -very big s-service) very big hearted people shower people with GENEROUS GIFT)
17       5


larg(large)+ess(axe a kind of deoderant) a girl donating the large number of axe deo as gift to males who sweat alot...such a generous gift it is....
5       23

by preetisoni2411

"Large S" = $
5       1

by rashtastic

when u come late to class .u will be in class without attendance
0       1

by suryamaipala


Short Definition : lustful

(adj) driven by lust; preoccupied with or exhibiting lustful desires
Synonyms : lewd , libidinous , lustful
Example Sentence
  • libidinous orgies

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lascivious

lascivious (lasci -lust vious -full) so --lustful
15       6


LASCiViouS: Las Vegas: Lustful people go thr!
9       1

by carbonmonoxide

it sounds like lasci(lesbi) implies lust
8       4

by gopikrish2000


Short Definition : languor; weariness; listlessness

(noun) a state of comatose torpor (as found in sleeping sickness)
Synonyms : lethargy , sluggishness

(noun) a feeling of lack of interest or energy
Synonyms : languor , listlessness

(noun) weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy
Synonyms : inanition , lethargy , slackness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lassitude

After a heavy lunch, if you drink a glass of LASSI, you will go into a lassitude i.e. weariness, lethargy and ultimately go to sleep.
84       5

by Maddy

17       5

by amin

we drink LASSI(.. buttermilk in hindi..) when we are tired or WEARED DOWN..
12       6

by kvsharat

LAST+ALTITUDE....when we reach the highest altitude, we are in lassitude
5       2

by nileshdive

lassitude sounds like "lets sit dude" .. means the guy is tired ..
3       0

by sunilwritesgre

a sitting attitude, as in weariness, langour
2       2

by PAC001

2       1

by tamagochi

lassi pee ke panjaabi dude ko neend aa gayi
2       0

by bardock

lassi(Lazy) + attitude >> Lazy attitude means lack of energy or vitality..
2       0

by RajeshBorkar

lasting too few = tired and weary
1       4

by Marise

lassitude = less + atitude; weak in operation.
1       0

by shaktipada

Lass(girl)+Attitude=Lassitude...that's something i think both guys and girls can relate to...a girl with an attitude can lead to..lack of energy..if your chasing her or if your dealing with her..
0       0

by joshlobo4u


Short Definition : fastening or lock consisting of a movable bar that fits into a notch; V: close with a latch

(noun) spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key
Synonyms : door latch

(noun) catch for fastening a door or gate; a bar that can be lowered or slid into a groove
(verb) fasten with a latch
Example Sentence
  • latch the door


Short Definition : present but not yet noticeable or active; dormant; hidden; N. latency; CF. potential

(adj) potentially existing but not presently evident or realized
Example Sentence
  • a latent fingerprint
  • latent talent

(adj) (pathology) not presently active
Example Sentence
  • latent infection
  • latent diabetes

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for latent

regroup the words and spell it as talent.. many people have POTENTIAL(talent..)but undeveloped..where as some people HIDE their talent..
38       6

by kvsharat

Latent heat can be seen as heat which is "HIDDEN".
23       4

by gnaveen987

when u lay in tent u become hidden to anyone outside.
4       3

by m4mohil

late entry maarega
2       6

by friendofafriend

late+ent - which wil be active late...
1       2

by santosh reddy

someone with LATENT TALENT is called a LATE bloomer.
1       2

by dshefman

Relate it to LATENT HEAT in physics....simple
1       0

by manoj_gre

saLA TENT mein so ra hai
0       4

by friendofafriend

lack(not presently) of tent-talent
0       0

by nihal

latent = late + nt; late night it will rise now it is in sleping mode.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition : of or coming from the side

(noun) a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
Synonyms : lateral pass

(adj) situated at or extending to the side
Synonyms : sidelong
Example Sentence
  • the lateral branches of a tree
  • shot out sidelong boughs

(adj) lying away from the median and sagittal plane of a body
Example Sentence
  • lateral lemniscus

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lateral

In cricket we say tat thr was a LATERAL seam movement...means tat the ball moved frm 1 side to another after pitching...
3       2

by v_vivekkumar

lateral=late earn(i.e . jo bad me aaye ,side ka job that gives money)
0       0

by lokeshjain2008

latitude(globe) will be at same level(a lateral shift within the company job) and sidelong(syn of lateral)
0       0

by Thisisnotme

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