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    incarcerate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word incarcerate

    (verb) lock up or confine, in or as in a jail
    Example Sentence
    • The suspects were imprisoned without trial
    • the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for incarcerate

(Hindi) inकारागारate, (Bengali) inকারাগারate. Amazingly, in Latin 'carcer' pronounced /karker/, means prison (Bengali কারাগার; Hindi कारागार).

incarcerate : sounds like in + car + sit + rate so think like this policemen asking a thief in[ki] car ke seat ke niche jo samana than wo tune kausi rate me becha bol de nahi to tuje 10 saal ka incarcerate kar dunga

in+car+carate(karate == unit of diamond) ie if you have stolen diamonds in your car you will be imprisoned , going to the jail ,,

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IN + CAR + CIGARETTE - due to a ban on smoking, if you smoke cigarettes even in the car, you may be IMPRISONed.

in + car + carate(unit of gold or diamond) >> when u smuggle gold or diamonds, u may get caught and may be imprisoned..

if u get cancer, u r mostly confined to ur house

Incar+Cera+te Look for cera (or cere/ ceramane) mean jail

incarcerate-the word seems like Nepali ratera to kill and so the consequences is the imprision

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