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Short Definition :

(adj) diminished or moderated
Example Sentence
  • our bated enthusiasm
  • his bated hopes

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bated

When you bat, you hold your breath till the ball comes and you hit a six and win! i.e... Control or restrain breath. .. With bated breath. ..
2       0

by manu.kuhar


Short Definition :

(noun) lewd or obscene talk or writing
Synonyms : bawdry
Example Sentence
  • it was smoking-room bawdry
  • they published a collection of Elizabethan bawdy

(adj) humorously vulgar
Synonyms : off-color , ribald
Example Sentence
  • bawdy songs
  • off-color jokes
  • ribald language

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bawdy

Bawdy = Rowdy!
33       9

by shootdemup!

A Female actor showing her body on screen in Indecent and obscene
21       1

by corrupted

sounds like body girls showing body in songs it means its vulgar
16       0

by sriharisharma

sound like GAWDY. which means indescent, obscure
5       4

by sasidhar

ball bearing makes a connection between two metal bodies
0       9

by zelus

This word rhymes with brandy After drinking brandy, he started behaving indecently.
0       0

by smartankit_27

Bawdy sounds like “devdy”, it is a movie which is very indecent.
0       6

by lakshmihs


Short Definition :

(verb) be envious of; set one's heart on
Synonyms : envy

(verb) wish ill or allow unwillingly
Synonyms : resent

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for begrudge

begrudge can be broken into beg + rude... so some one who behave rudely with beggars ... the beggar 'wish ill ' for that person
16       4

by gomexy

be+grudge. when u have grudge on somebody u always wish ill for him
6       0

by hemanthpotluri

begru+dge--begru sounds like beggars. beggars usually wish ill to others as their own situation is bad.
5       1

by yokel

be+grudge --recall Grudge the famous horror movie, in which the ghost ( of a lady) killed by her husband which later killed many others because of envy and grudge.
4       0

by jc

If you "be"come a "guru", others will be jealous of you and push you down from the e"dge" of a cliff.
2       4

by Jason Chun

basically taken from begrudgen,...means to you complain about others because you dont like them.
0       9

by preetisoni2411

begru+dge--begru sounds like begher , a begher (without house) person will always be envy of people who exiled him from his house.
0       4

by preetisoni2411

REMEBER THE MOVIE GRUDGE where actor jim carrey portrays to be envy of santa...
0       0

by ranuclarke


Short Definition :

(noun) someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful
Synonyms : colossus , giant , goliath , monster

(noun) a person of exceptional importance and reputation
Synonyms : colossus , giant , heavyweight , titan

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for behemoth

behemoth = Mammoth
16       1

by jay_gandhi

if we can remember the word "mamoth" a large huge creature.
12       0

by sriharisharma can be remembered wid behim(f mahabharat) who was very big n a powerful person...hence behemoth relates 2 a big n poerrful thing or company....
10       4

by vaibhavagar

those who played FINAL FANTASY.BEHEMOTH is a big monster in dat game.
2       3

by razzmatazz

behemoth sounds like "bereham maut" (Hindi word) [death]. Relate it to death caused by huge monster.
1       7

by aniruddha_chaudhari

Big + Mouth - monster like ....having great power ..!!
1       1

by abbaraju.pranith

0       6

by Gayatri

Behemoth = Baht+ Mahtv...Aperson of High impotance or reputation.
0       0

by Gregarious


Short Definition :

(noun) someone who fights (or is fighting)
Synonyms : battler , combatant , fighter , scrapper

(adj) characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight
Synonyms : aggressive
Example Sentence
  • aggressive acts against another country
  • a belligerent tone

(adj) engaged in war
Synonyms : militant , war-ridden , warring
Example Sentence
  • belligerent (or warring) nations

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for belligerent

belli (TOM) and gerry always quarrel in TOM and GERRY cartoon.
68       3

by keyurpatel87

Just relate it wid another GRE word-- BELLICOSE
19       6

by soumen

Just remember Bully from the word belligerent...the character of a bully is to be harsh and aggressive.
4       2

by gayathrisharma

BELI/BEL MEANS FIGHT.QUARREL .+gerenT(generation)....THE LAST TWO GENERATION of this family have been QUARRELSOME
3       6

by preetisoni2411

belligeren = belly, the belly of a girl always cause the fight or may be war
2       0

by praveenkatti16

children FOUGHT with one another for jelly BELLY chocalate :p
1       0

by akshayakshay

In TOM&GERRY story gerry always knocks the doorbell and make tom aggressive which leads to war
0       0

by divyareddy janga


Short Definition :

(verb) regret strongly
Synonyms : bewail , deplore , lament
Example Sentence
  • I deplore this hostile action
  • we lamented the loss of benefits

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bemoan

bemoan... look at moan..means cryin,..whn does one cry when dey loose something..when one looses something they express disapproval..
25       2

by angel

bemoan -- be mourn means express mourn -- express sadness
11       0

by cp.jethani

be+moan--moon->in olden days mothers used to show their kids the moon and used to tell some stories and feed most of them are living in apartments, where there is no scope of showing moon and feed them, so they beat them
2       3

by dimplegirl_p

be+moan--moan sounds like maun(hindi word)(few minute silence in remembrance of someone.) in order to express our grief when someone dies we keep maun for few minutes.
1       0

by gatz_funky

BEAM+ON...the meaning is lament.....I didn't switch on the beam(light) of my car and because of that I had an accident hence I LAMENT...
1       1

by nileshdive

they have to feel sorry for their they r failed to do that
0       10

by dimplegirl_p

bemoan has moan in it which means "A low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain"
0       0

by pintu89

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