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    mutilate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mutilate

    (verb) destroy or injure severely
    Synonyms : cut up , mangle
    Example Sentence
    • The madman mutilates art work
    (verb) alter so as to make unrecognizable
    Synonyms : mangle , murder
    Example Sentence
    • The tourists murdered the French language
    (verb) destroy or injure severely
    Synonyms : mar
    Example Sentence
    • mutilated bodies
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mutilate

late aa vandhaa muttiliya adi vizhum - mutilate

mutiny is late now.. destroy something completely(to damage severely, especially by violently removing a part) or amputate

muti(ny)+late was attacked late nite was severely injured

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mutilate - muti(URINE)+late .....will destroy kidney lol.

LATE resembles death soo body is destroyed ..

Mutilate sounds like MOTI- लेट...so when a MOTI girl lie (लेट) on smthng..it destroys completely

He received injuries to the extent that made him mute. He may succummed to injuries and people may put late before his name e.g. late John

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