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Short Definition : trip; short journey

(noun) a journey taken for pleasure
Example Sentence
  • many summer excursions to the shore
  • it was merely a pleasure trip
  • after cautious sashays into the field

(verb) make a trip for pleasure
Synonyms : travel , trip

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jaunt

Journey to your AUNT's place J-AUNT
71       3

by girish_ksg

the word itself says (jaun= should i go ... in hindi)
8       6

by hiraditya

have a small trip with Jaya AUNTy
4       14

by srinath

Joint is a slang used by weed smokers. So when people make joint they get high which can be said a pleasurable trip.
1       2

by Adrastos

1       3

by anu.munsi

jaun ani ye!! means go and come fast in Marathi
1       2

by DrishtiBhatia

You make a JAUNT to your favourite HAUNT
1       3

by Figbeet

jaunt sounds like jount=JOUrNey, Trip
1       2

by anilmamillapalli

after coming from a JAUNT(outing) one becomes JAUNTY(very happy) :)
1       0

by littlemissankita


Short Definition : cheerful and pleased with life; lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree; dapper in appearance; Ex. jaunty person/hat

(adj) marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners
Synonyms : dapper , dashing , natty , raffish , rakish , snappy , spiffy , spruce
Example Sentence
  • a dapper young man
  • a jaunty red hat

(adj) having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air
Synonyms : chipper , debonair , debonaire
Example Sentence
  • looking chipper, like a man...diverted by his own wit
  • life that is gay, brisk, and debonair
  • walked with a jaunty step
  • a jaunty optimist

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jaunty

remember Jonty Rhodes of the South Africa cricket team who dives carefree while fielding
61       2

by arushms

SAME ....LIKE THE ABOVE ONE..JAYA aunty a cheerful and pleasant lady.
6       29

by preetisoni2411

1       3

by dshefman

when u go for a jaunt you fell lighthearted and carefree
0       1

by er.amit.1jan

janti(Nepali):when you go for janti you will be lively,animated,cheerful n carefree
0       0

by laaptu


Short Definition : endanger; imperil; put at risk; N. jeopardy: danger

(verb) pose a threat to; present a danger to
Example Sentence
  • The pollution is endangering the crops

(verb) put at risk
Synonyms : adventure , hazard , stake , venture
Example Sentence
  • I will stake my good reputation for this

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jeopardize

sounds like leopard... leopard r now ENDANGERED species
25       0

by winder

link it with.... shanti se JIO PAR humse panga mat lena .... otherwise your life woud be JEOPARDIZED..... said the rogue..
2       1

by sanchit

jeo..(jai) why are you PUTTING JAI at you want to send him paradize(die)
1       9

by preetisoni2411


Short Definition : playful remark or act; V. act or speak playfully

(noun) a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter
Synonyms : gag , jape , joke , laugh
Example Sentence
  • he told a very funny joke
  • he knows a million gags
  • thanks for the laugh
  • he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest
  • even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point

(noun) activity characterized by good humor
Synonyms : jocularity , joke

(verb) tell a joke; speak humorously
Synonyms : joke
Example Sentence
  • He often jokes even when he appears serious

(verb) act in a funny or teasing way
Synonyms : joke

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jest

Remember "JEST for laughs gags" on pogo
15       1

by nsajan

Jest sounds similar to Fest (festival) act and speak playfully in a fest
7       2

by rajat jain

I did "Just like that", hey don't take it seriously. JEST like that
4       0

by vrock27

sounds like "test". "test" the sincerity of anyone by giving playful remarks and recording the response.
0       6

by cp.jethani


Short Definition : things thrown from a ship (to lighten the ship)

(noun) the part of a ship's equipment or cargo that is thrown overboard to lighten the load in a storm
(noun) the floating wreckage of a ship
Synonyms : flotsam

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jetsam

jetSAM-samundar(sea ) :: goods thrown in sea.
8       3

by amit251285

floatsam is wreckage in sea. jetsam is throwing wreckege into sea
3       0

by friendofafriend

relate it to flotsam
0       3

by 1.6k


Short Definition : throw overboard (from a ship or plane)

(verb) throw away, of something encumbering
(verb) throw as from an airplane
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jettison

jetti(jet plane) someone throwing out his 2 quintal SON out of JET PLANE to make it LIGHTER.
32       9

by preetisoni2411

Remember JET Airways laying off the staff to reduce costs
5       1

by nikki123

jhat(jet) se mike tison(tyson) ko boat par se phenko varna yeh doob jayega...
4       2

by NikhilAgl

remember JETSON's they travel in the jet and they deliver package by Jettison..
2       1

by nachi

jetti sounds like jedi, when you mess with the son of a jedi(jedi knight)he will throw you overboard
1       0

by anilmamillapalli

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