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Short Definition : causing cancer; N. carcinogen

(adj) causing or tending to cause cancer
Example Sentence
  • the carcinogenic action of certain chemicals

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for carcinogenic

CARCINO+genic carcino is pertaining to cancer causing element
6       7

by daringdavin

generates cancer....
3       2

by sramachandran

carSINoGENIEc.. Alladin's GENIE will give you CANCER if you do a SIN..
1       1

by Gurubharan

carcinogenic -> car carbon(smoke) in take generally will cause cancer.
1       0

by sansecretcp

carcinogenic = carci (curtsy) + no + gen + ic; Donot know any curtsy is always evil work.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition : chief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order

(noun) (Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes
(noun) the number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity but not the order
Synonyms : cardinal number

(noun) a variable color averaging a vivid red
Synonyms : carmine

(noun) crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male
(adj) serving as an essential component
Synonyms : central , fundamental , key , primal
Example Sentence
  • a cardinal rule
  • the central cause of the problem
  • an example that was fundamental to the argument
  • computers are fundamental to modern industrial structure

(adj) being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order
Example Sentence
  • cardinal numbers

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cardinal

'cardinal' also means pertaining to the 'heart' and the heart is the 'most important' part of our body. It is responsible for the working of our body.
50       2

by nishit.mehta

CARDinal - cards, account cards, visa cards, ssn cards, those most important stuffs.
9       2

by it's_me

car + din(day) car is "important" to go to the office during din
1       0

by simranjeet

0       28

by sriharisharma

You are very important to me. TADI NAL , hum jaan de sakte hai!!!!! cardinal = most important, primary
0       0

by subass


Short Definition : doctor specializing in ailments of the heart

(noun) a specialist in cardiology; a specialist in the structure and function and disorders of the heart
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cardiologist

CARDIO + LOGIST cardio means heart..and a person studying the logics of the heart is a cardiologist.
2       0

by daringdavin


Short Definition : lurch; sway from side to side; move with irregular swinging movement; stagger

(noun) pitching dangerously to one side
Synonyms : rock , sway , tilt

(verb) walk as if unable to control one's movements
Synonyms : keel , lurch , reel , stagger , swag
Example Sentence
  • The drunken man staggered into the room

(verb) move sideways or in an unsteady way
Synonyms : shift , tilt , wobble
Example Sentence
  • The ship careened out of control

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for careen

careen sounds like car in will MOVE IN AN UNSTEADY manner in the rain.
90       8

by kruthikamurthy

Careen <==> Karenna Kapoor (Bollywood Actress) swaying(lurching) her body while dancing
56       6

by oneflewover

Its like career.In every persons life career will have ups and down
13       2

by yasaswi

careen is derived from the word career- "to rush" so its To lurch or swerve while in rush
4       1

by noops

remember hindi superstar Kareena and her boyfriends Saif and Shahid Kapoor, so she sways away side to side "kabhi shahid, kabhi saifu"
4       3

by rohandighe

Associate with career : our career keeps swinging from one side to the other
3       1

by seshadri

car + lean -> car eans frm one side to another like its swaying!
3       1

by deepster89

remember bollywood actress kareena, who keeps swaying from one actor to another :-)
2       3

by bharat.

The sport car beside us started to CAREEN as soon as the light turned to GREEN, we were worried about the safety of the passengers in that car
1       0

by melancholica

to clean the rear part of the cab(tilted ship). We move side by side to tilt it.
1       0

by sansecretcp


Short Definition : rush wildly; go at full speed

(noun) the particular occupation for which you are trained
Synonyms : calling , vocation

(noun) the general progression of your working or professional life
Synonyms : life history
Example Sentence
  • the general had had a distinguished career
  • he had a long career in the law

(verb) move headlong at high speed
Example Sentence
  • The cars careered down the road
  • The mob careered through the streets

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for career

career refers to say jobs...and people rush for job interviews and to reach on time daily for jobs
8       2

by vitenpatel

relate career with car+rear i.e when u have got a car comming at your rear end or back side than u will rush wildly to save yourself
3       1

by bishalbhatt

career in abroad - go with full speed
1       0

by sansecretcp


Short Definition : free from worries; having no problems

(adj) free of trouble and worry and care
Synonyms : unworried
Example Sentence
  • the carefree joys of childhood
  • carefree millionaires, untroubled financially

(adj) cheerfully irresponsible
Example Sentence
  • carefree with his money
  • freewheeling urban youths
  • had a harum-scarum youth

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for carefree

carefree sounds like stayfree.. which r sanitary pads for females...which make them feel carefree or unworried about their periods
9       4

by vitenpatel

care = feeling + free = having no worries. Therefore no feeling of worry.
5       0

by bimal03

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