profligate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word profligate

(noun) a dissolute man in fashionable society
Synonyms : blood , rake , rakehell , rip , roue
(noun) a recklessly extravagant consumer
Synonyms : prodigal , squanderer
(adj) recklessly wasteful
Example Sentence
  • prodigal in their expenditures
(adj) unrestrained by convention or morality
Example Sentence
  • Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society
  • deplorably dissipated and degraded
  • riotous living
  • fast women

Memory aid to help you memorize this

Profligate= spend Profusely like bill Gates
70        6
split it like prof(professor)+li(lee)+g+ate(past f. of eat).. your Professor whose son Lee spent all of his father's money .. eating at all five stars hotels...what a wasteful use of your Professor's money....
16        14
PROperty FLy through GATE - because you spend like crazy
8        2
profli(profli) think f candidate whose profile reveals about his hand in some immoral activities..such a candidate is even not allowed to even enter to the GATE OF some colleges and organizations....
7        6
PROFLIGATE: DIVIDE IT INTO 3 PARTS, PROF+LEE+GATE. think that PROFessor had thrown LEE out of GATE bcoz he was extravagant.
5        2
Pro fil(fli) gate .. The proletarians filed the gate of their boss with sweets just before the appraisal day .. Wasteful and def wildly immoral
2        0
this word is taken from phlibein means to squeeze think of a prodigal..or profligate son..who has squeezed his fathers pocket in doing all wasteful activities
1        7
Because of his immoral behavior his PROFITS were all LITIGATED
1        0
Due to the Profligate use of assets by PROFessionals IGATE company got dissolved.
1        0
<B>Flagrantly Prodigal</B>.
1        0
who earns PROFit at good rATE spends a LOT
1        1
(also means corrupt): he is PRO FLoggIng people at the GATE of the city
1        1
Profligate = His job PROFile in resume is so wasteful and lack of planning, that the manager thrown it out of the gate.
1        1
spell lyk pro(professional)+fli(FLY)+gate(Jet)...--->there r so many low cost airlines still professional travel through JET airways and "WASTE their MONEY"....
1        1
fli + gate... fly through gate. implies wasteful thing.. and we throw wasteful things
1        1
"prof" -professor "fli" -flew or spent "gate" -all his money building college gate...
1        2
all high-profiled ppl are mostly spendthrifts.
1        3
pROFLigate: When you tell Professor Flagrant that he is being wasteful and should be ashamed, he just ROFLS (rolls on the floor laughing)!!!
1        4
PROFuse and LIberal spending w/o GATE (thoughts or constraint). Profuse = extravagance.
0        2
pro+fly+gate....why to fly over the college gate on some plane, when we can walk and go through without wasting money...
0        0
pro+fli+gate, imagine a fly (fli) crosses the gate of ur house to buy a choclate which is a waste expenditure for it... this seems to be a stupid mnemonic but give it a try... u will remember it for sure :))
0        5
pro+fly+gate = pro things fly over the gate therefore lessen or worsen things are there.
0        1

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