desiccate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word desiccate

(verb) preserve by removing all water and liquids from
Synonyms : dehydrate
Example Sentence
  • carry dehydrated food on your camping trip

(verb) remove water from
Synonyms : dehydrate
Example Sentence
  • All this exercise and sweating has dehydrated me

(verb) lose water or moisture
Synonyms : dehydrate , dry up , exsiccate
Example Sentence
  • In the desert, you get dehydrated very quickly

(adj) lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless
Synonyms : arid , desiccated
Example Sentence
  • a technically perfect but arid performance of the sonata
  • a desiccate romance
  • a prissy and emotionless creature...settles into a mold of desiccated snobbery

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for desiccate

desi cake is always dried up.
91       11

by imajeeth

"Desert Cake": Cake that has been dried out and turned dull in taste.
18       4

by KOGrad

Desi+cat is always dry because if she will be wet she will be called bheegi billi...remember 9xm.
5       1

by mahaveerjain

Dessicate =Desi(hindi) =Land Cate is similar to cactus Hence land where cactus grows which means dry and arid
4       1

by meerz

"Desi Katte" dekhte hi sab sookh jaate hain.
4       0

by vinodupreti

Desiccate=The Sukka(dry) ate eat.
2       6

by rakei

sounds close to decant
1       11

by mon_m

1       1

by DeathByGRE

Desi cat hamesha dry hoti h
1       0

by shanky7000

Cat(CATE) is carrying dashboard(DESI) in a very dry(DRY UP) area and suffering from dehydration(DEHYDRATE)
1       1

by shanky7000

Desiccate = des (country) + icc + ate; country is been ate by icc cricket so the offices in working days are empty i.e dry up due to match between india & pakistan.
1       0

by shaktipada

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