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    repudiate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word repudiate

    (verb) cast off
    Synonyms : disown , renounce
    Example Sentence
    • She renounced her husband
    • The parents repudiated their son
    (verb) refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid
    Example Sentence
    • The woman repudiated the divorce settlement
    (verb) refuse to recognize or pay
    Example Sentence
    • repudiate a debt
    (verb) reject as untrue, unfounded, or unjust
    Example Sentence
    • She repudiated the accusations
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for repudiate

he ate the PUDDING AGAIN.. When his mother asked him if he ate the pudding, he tried to REPUDIATE (deny eating it)... :)

re(reject....)+pudi...(pudding..a sweet dish given after meal)...ate......past participle of eat.....well anyone who reject to eat a cake pudding

repud(refused)+iate(to eat) = refused to take anymore or acknowledge

divide this word into repud(sounds simillar to repute....reputation)+iate....sounds like eat...eaten(past parciple).........eaten...means decrease..in sth.....and when reputation decreases ?when you get invove in doing bad things....so to save your r

REPUTATION+ATE....in hindi cinema if you marry a girl not belonging to your religion,class,....the father says you ate my reputation and you are not my son from now....hence the father DISOWNS his son....

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i was giving him his reputation, ( repu dia) but he only refused or repudiated !! wat can i do

Repudiate:Repu(means tomorrow in Telugu)+Diate(Date),so one boy asked the girl weather she comes for the Date(Diate) Tomorrow(Repu),the girl refused to come....she rejected,disclaim,deny,not accepted.....

The woman refuted the divorce settlement.

REPUtation + ATE

refused to ate

repudiate ~ refuse ~ reject

REPUdiate here in Telugu REPU means doing tommorrow that means today he is refusing to do the work

repudiation = reput (reputation) + i + ate; The reputation of family i have ate so nobody will accept me in my family.

refuse to eat pudding

REPUDIATE...refused that I ate the pudding..or I repudiated the date proposal of a reputed girl

repudiate : refuse a hot date because she's not true,reasonable.

repudiate: re - POOH POOH it as DIEd and done and eaten away

REPUtationDIviATE - sounds like Reputation+Deviate. to 'deviate' from a shameful fact to save ones 'reputation'.

Repudiate: Repu(reputation) daav par lag gayi hai uss idiot (diate) ki, jabse usse gharwalo ne disown kiya hai

(Sound like) Repeat + It... ie rejecting

re(REFUSED....)+pudi...(PUDDING..)+ate…….he REFUSED/DENIED to eat PUDDING coz of vomiting

Reputation at stake! Deny all knowledge!

Think "pew" which in American means to stink

Repu+De.. apne boss ko Repu de warna he will Reject u or refuse to give u promotion.

rep..+ate i REfUSE that i ATE the ... =i do not accept

Repudiate/Re-pyo-diate/ Re-Rejected, pyo-poop, diate-date/ When he saw his blind "date" eating turtle "poop", he "rejected" that disgusting woman.

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