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    prodigal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word prodigal

    (noun) a recklessly extravagant consumer
    Synonyms : profligate , squanderer
    (adj) recklessly wasteful
    Example Sentence
    • prodigal in their expenditures
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prodigal

prod(rodies) +gals(girls)=extravagance. If you are with girls of rodies then you have to be extravagant..

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prodigal = prodi (proud )+ gal (girl)= the girls who is having excessive proud is always wasteful or divide prodigal as PRO+DI+GAL, => PRODUCERS and DIRECTORS r using gals for sex.it means they are PROFLIGATE.

PRO with GAL: to become a pro (casanova) among gals you will have to waste money

i show rod to my girl when she was wasting my money

prodigal = pro + dig 'digger'. A super digger dig his farmland. What a wasteful!

prod (poke) a girl: you r trying to hook up with a girl by prodding her waist, and she ignores you. therefore, all that you tried to do was lavish, extravagant.

PROs (in sports) lavish their GALs with extravagant things

Learn two synonyms! Pro-d-igal: one who has PROfuse Dollars to spend is a SPENDTHRIFT/PROfligate!

prodigal-pradeep sir and gals imagine pradeep sir has become extravagant and is hovering around girls

Prod(Prada)+Gal(girl).Girl buying prada is waste of money.

prod(proud)+gal(girl) will always wastes money

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