cogent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cogent

(adj) powerfully persuasive
Synonyms : telling , weighty
Example Sentence
  • a cogent argument
  • a telling presentation
  • a weighty argument

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cogent - gent - a gentle person is always the right person to convince others.
51        21
co+agent...cooperative agents make congent suggestions.
39        10
CO & GENT, two men (gents) joining together (co) in a team to persuade you, will be more 'powerfully persuasive' than just one gent.
19        6
Cogent - Gent - Gentleman - Gentleman always uses fine-toned words to convince others. Gentleman's convincing manners convinces anybody.
10        1
Co-operative bank agents are generally pursuasive.
2        7
COGENT=CO.+AGENT.. I find my Company's Agents more convincing than others
2        0
Cogent like cognizant or appealing to the mind with reason.
1        8
CO(company) of gentleman are always convincing.....they don't need to use force to convince people....
1        1
<B>Cognitive Enchantment</B>
1        0
co(converse)+gent(gently)...wen u r conversed gently u r well argued
1        0
Sounds like coherent...
1        1
if u r in a grp and if u want ur idea to b implemented,den u need to b coagent i.e., b able to convince ur COAGENT
0        13
cogent can be thought of as co(vert)+ agent. who is a covert agent? Sam fisher is. he grabs you in a choke hold and persuades you to do things.
0        0
cognos means to be aware of. so when we are aware of a subject then we can easily persuade people on that subject
0        0
My parents will give consent if my argument is cogent.
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it has 'cause' in it
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