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Short Definition : quick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind

(adj) moving quickly and lightly
Synonyms : agile quick spry
Example Sentence
  • sleek and agile as a gymnast
  • as nimble as a deer
  • nimble fingers
  • quick of foot
  • the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it
(adj) mentally quick
Synonyms : agile
Example Sentence
  • an agile mind
  • nimble wits
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nimble

Think about the broom of Harry Potter "Nimbus2000" and Nimbus2001" which are very nimble.

nimble..sounds like nimbu(lemon)..when a lemon falls on the floor it rolls quickly..sure this helps you in understanding the meaning quickly...ie in being NIMBLE

nimble = nibu+ able, Nibu pani allows you to move fastily & quickly.

nimble= ni for nickel is hard so it is easily (mble for mobile) mobile from one place to another.


Short Definition : snip off; stop something's growth or development; bite; make numb with cold; Ex. nip the plan; Ex. A guard dog nipped the postman; Ex. fingers nipped by the extreme chill

(noun) a small drink of liquor
Synonyms : shot
Example Sentence
  • he poured a shot of whiskey
(noun) (offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent
Synonyms : jap
(noun) the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth Definition
(noun) the property of being moderately cold
Synonyms : chilliness coolness
Example Sentence
  • the chilliness of early morning
(noun) a tart spicy quality Definition
(noun) a small sharp bite or snip
Synonyms : pinch
(verb) squeeze tightly between the fingers
Example Sentence
  • He pinched her behind
  • She squeezed the bottle
(verb) give a small sharp bite to
Example Sentence
  • The Queen's corgis always nip at her staff's ankles
(verb) sever or remove by pinching or snipping
Synonyms : clip nip off snip snip off
Example Sentence
  • nip off the flowers
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nip

NIP, think it as an abbr. for Not In Progress. So someone is stopping your growth or development.

nip sounds like nib which is a small n sharp...

(Nip)think as nip comes from nipple which is small knob of breast and sharp...

nip = nipple = when kids drink from nipples of their mothers they grow. niip is opposite of that


Short Definition : in Buddhist teachings, the ideal state in which the individual loses himself in the attainment of an impersonal beatitude

(noun) (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness
Synonyms : enlightenment
(noun) any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nirvana

nirvana=nirantaram(always)+vana(rain)... in a place with continuos rain ,people will be blissful and happy(no scarcity)

it also means "a state of perfect happiness"

in Punjabi *van* means to cry in sorrow so nir means (without) van means (cry) so place without cry is nirvana

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think of the nirvna movie to know

in nirvana movie the players transcend to the game world where there is complete bliss and there is no death to any of tehm

nirvana dhyanam to attain ideal state


Short Definition : done or active at night; Ex. nocturnal animals/raids; CF. nocturne

(adj) belonging to or active during the night
Example Sentence
  • nocturnal animals are active at night
  • nocturnal plants have flowers that open at night and close by day
(adj) of or relating to or occurring in the night
Example Sentence
  • nocturnal darkness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nocturnal

no+c+turn+al no turn(traffic lites)are active at nite!!

nocturnal=no+c+turn+al....you cannot see all turns at night....so must be active thru out nite while drving

sybar-rite can be pronounced as cyber-rite,so person fond of cyber(web) is fond of luxury and pleasure.

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noc(tongue in tamil) turn al-> tongue active at night turning all direction.


Short Definition : foul smelling; very unpleasant; unwholesome

(adj) causing or able to cause nausea
Example Sentence
  • a nauseating smell
  • nauseous offal
  • a sickening stench
(adj) offensively malodorous
Example Sentence
  • a foul odor
  • the kitchen smelled really funky
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for noisome

Try to extract out two words from it... <ol style="padding-left:50px"><li>NOSE</li><li>NOISE</li></ol>.. Hence <b>NOISOME</b> is something that makes <i>NOISE</i> in our <i>NOSE</i>

when you fart in a silence its noisome which spreads out foul smell in a room

a Noisy fart is less Noisome(smelly) than a silent killer- If you know what I mean ;)

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noisome sounds somewhat like noise..which is irritating

"no its not me"...:)

nose+some = something which is bad for nose...

Remember noisome as something which causes nausea(irritation and vomiting) which is what an extremely unpleasent smell causes.......so noisome = causing nausea.

it pertains to the smell sensors rather than the hearing sensors as the word suggests

Annoy-some; an offending smell annoys, hence noisome.

it sound like full of noise.....and when its noisy its unpleasant. So it means unpleasant, disgusting.

noisome=no+is+ome(one)....no one is there bcoz of foul smell

noisome -> nei(ghee in tamil) some added, unpleasant or foul smell for few people

An-noisome---something which irritates us;causes disgust

U farted and then u said "NO ITS NOT ME".. the whole room was full of foul smell..A noisome fart


Short Definition : wandering; N. nomad: tribe who migrates from place to place

(adj) migratory
Example Sentence
  • a restless mobile society
  • the nomadic habits of the Bedouins
  • believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future
  • wandering tribes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nomadic

mad people wander from one place to another


Short Definition : terminology(system of specialized words); system of names or naming things

(noun) a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline
Synonyms : language terminology
Example Sentence
  • legal terminology
  • biological nomenclature
  • the language of sociology
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nomenclature

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Try to split it into three parts: "Names"+"In"+"Culture"; Thus,Nomenclature is a system of the names in a particular culture (context)

no men is clay statue without names


Short Definition : in name only; of a name; trifling; (of a sum of money) very small; CF. nominate: propose as a candidate; appoint

(noun) a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb Definition
(adj) relating to or constituting or bearing or giving a name
Example Sentence
  • the Russian system of nominal brevity
  • a nominal lists of priests
  • taxable males as revealed by the nominal rolls
(adj) insignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish' is informal)
Synonyms : token tokenish
Example Sentence
  • the fee was nominal
  • a token gesture of resistance
  • a toknenish gesture
(adj) pertaining to a noun or to a word group that functions as a noun
Example Sentence
  • nominal phrase
  • noun phrase
(adj) of, relating to, or characteristic of an amount that is not adjusted for inflation
Example Sentence
  • the nominal GDP
  • nominal interest rates
(adj) named; bearing the name of a specific person
Synonyms : nominative
Example Sentence
  • nominative shares of stock
(adj) existing in name only
Synonyms : titular
Example Sentence
  • the nominal (or titular) head of his party
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nominal

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nom+i+nal--- NOM(name) NAL(null)--- name is null; i.e., existing in name only

Think of Nominal case in grammar.

nominal=no+minimum+leader-> nominate with the name

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