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Short Definition : support; prop up; N. stationary structure to support wall; Ex. flying buttress

(noun) a support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building
Synonyms : buttressing

(verb) reinforce with a buttress
Example Sentence
  • Buttress the church

(verb) make stronger or defensible
Example Sentence
  • buttress your thesis

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for buttress

remember by your BUTT or BUTTOCKS ! what do they do? They provide you with a padding when ypu sit, giving support.. :)
68       2

by gatz_funky

If you have big but (hope you know what ‘but’ is), you will have extra support
9       13

by Administrator

buttress=butt rest...butt gives u support so u tk rest on ur butt generally while sleeping or sitting
8       0

by bond

butts rests on support
3       0

by jainarun4u

buttress…..sounds simillar to mistress………….when i failed my exams due to my ill health ,it was my biology mistress who understood my problem and supported me in my tough time.
2       10

by preetisoni2411

buttress ends with "tress" can be read as truss, truss are usually created in order to strengthen the stucture (Mech)
2       4

by mayank2nsitmpae

sometimes u need to put u need to put butter on your stories to support it
2       5

by winni

butt(container to store liquid)+ress(sounds like rest.) ..plz get only one butt ,as we need it as a support to our existing water supply,rest we have got big tankers for this purpose.
1       8

by preetisoni2411

buttress sounds like butter which is used to cover the bread for its gives support to the bread ...then it taste's well
1       0

by spdram

Buttress = but (put) + tress (stress); give stress for support at back by a pile.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition : full-bosomed; plump; jolly

(adj) (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves
Example Sentence
  • Hollywood seems full of curvaceous blondes
  • a curvy young woman in a tight dress

(adj) (of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous
Synonyms : zaftig , zoftig
Example Sentence
  • a generation ago...buxom actresses were popular

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for buxom

buck"some (buy some)gals who are healthy and plumpy to play..kinds a vulgar but thts d easy way yu remember..!!
18       5

by nikhilsuhas

BOOB+ZOOM here Zoom is in the place of huge.
7       48

by sriharisharma

BUCKSome....generally women having lot of money are Buxom....
3       3

by nileshdive

Buxom ->> bossoms lady with big bossoms
1       7

by mayank2nsitmpae

Buxom->Buxob:when u sea a BUXOM woman (woman with large breasts) it makes your BOXERS OBvious to others (u r aroused)...sorry for the language;)
1       0

by melancholica

To appear buxom, you have to use botox.
0       4

by mohanster

'bossom' stressed hard in the middle ,so kind of juge
0       3

by infoseeker

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