quiver - Dictionary definition and meaning for word quiver

(noun) an almost pleasurable sensation of fright
Synonyms : chill , frisson , shiver , shudder , thrill , tingle
Example Sentence
  • a frisson of surprise shot through him

(noun) a shaky motion
Example Sentence
  • the shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe

(noun) case for holding arrows
(noun) the act of vibrating
Synonyms : quivering , vibration

(verb) shake with fast, tremulous movements
Synonyms : palpitate , quake
Example Sentence
  • His nostrils palpitated

(verb) move back and forth very rapidly
Synonyms : flicker , flitter , flutter , waver
Example Sentence
  • the candle flickered

(verb) move with or as if with a regular alternating motion
Synonyms : beat , pulsate
Example Sentence
  • the city pulsated with music and excitement

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quiver

Quiver..... sounds like shiver.... when we have fever we shiver/ quiver..... tremble/ shake.
25       2

by reveeriee

quiver=quick+waver waver means moving back n fro...so quick+waver means moving bk n fro quickly...means shaking
3       3

by pallavi_limat

3       2

by friendofafriend

the soldier quivered when he found that there are no more arrows left in his quiver...!!!
2       0

by sravan1411

quiver rhymes with fever....when we have high fever we started TREMBLNG
1       1

by lebshah

quiver = quick + waver
0       0

by shaktipada

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