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    palpitate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word palpitate

    (verb) cause to throb or beat rapidly
    Example Sentence
    • Her violent feelings palpitated the young woman's heart
    (verb) shake with fast, tremulous movements
    Synonyms : quake , quiver
    Example Sentence
    • His nostrils palpitated
    (verb) beat rapidly
    Synonyms : flutter
    Example Sentence
    • His heart palpitated
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for palpitate

palpitate-split it as pal+pit...my pal(frnd) fell on a pit, as a result of which my heart started to BEAT RAPIDLY

palpitate = pulse + agitate.. generally heart beat faster in fear

split it into palpi ->PAAPI and tate ->australian bowler shaun TATE. as tate delivers a ball at a very high pace so the batsman aginst him starts palpitating as of fear.

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palpitation..you may have often heard doctors..cardiologists using this word in case of heart attacks patients..

when my turn came to address the gathering from PULPIT, my heart BEAT IRREGULARLY because of FEAR, or ANXIETY.

PAL(friend/dost) + PIT(mar khana in hindi) gaya so watching him ur heart THROBBED. therefore PALPITATE= THROB or FLUTTER.

kinda sounds like Pulse Per Iteration->Pulse per second->Beating of the heart in each iteration(each heart beat)

How do u create PULP(palp).. by beating wood hardly...

PALPIATE- pulp- he -ate of fruit , good for heart, heart started to THROB after he took pulp, because that gives instant energy

palpitate and sound similar to heartbeated means heart beat.when you get excited ur heart get bea erraticlly.

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