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    platitude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word platitude

    (noun) a trite or obvious remark
    Synonyms : banality , bromide , cliche , commonplace
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for platitude

flat + attitude: something flat does not attract us as it is very common. So you will obviously give trite remarks.

or we can think of plastic: it is veru cheap and of very little value just like platitude

Latitudes vary from place to place ...whereas Platitude is common to all ..i.e. COMMONPLACE...ORDINARY ... TRITE...

Take it as (PLATE + ATTITUDE) this hungry man was throwing the PLATE on server face bcos of serving late. Chef is obviously strongly REMARKING towards his ATTITUDE.

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The word 'platitude' is derived from the word 'plat',which is the French version of the word 'flat' and means literally "a flat remark.

platitude {altitude} ..some thing related to mountain ..which is common place to every one

platitude=pl(please) + attitutde ppl r always giving weak comments

Platitude = please + attitude; please attitude is always is always shows poor behavior.

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