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Short Definition : lending money at illegal high rates of interest

(noun) an exorbitant or unlawful rate of interest
Synonyms : vigorish

(noun) the act of lending money at an exorbitant rate of interest
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for usury

USURY reminds me of TREASURY - Lending money from the treasury at a very high rate of interest
19       4

by Angeltks

us(e)+ur+(mone)y by lending for extra interest rates
9       4

by jahnavi89

USURY ~ USURP: You're basically trying to USURP money by lending them at exorbitant rates.
4       5

by dushyant

(Yun)usury! Some people criticize Dr. Yunus on the ground that his institution Grameen Bank lend money at extremely high rate of interest. Hence YunUSURY means usury.
2       0

by abdullah71

usury - think U r SURety (collateral), will you pay the exorbitant rate of interest... for your friend (who wanted you to be his collateral)
1       6

by the suspect

sounds like udhari and vasuli ; its an undercover business of black money
1       2

by sukhoyash

the US (united states) lends money to other nations, but at exorbitant rates
1       3

by saurabhkumar87

US(we)URY(urgent)so we take money ungently at HIGH INTERESTS..
1       0

by bharathpns

use ur money for illegal interest rates
1       0

by sansecretcp

Usury - It is profitable to the moneylender but a liability for the one who takes the loan.
0       14

by pushpa_edit

us+ur+y = y(yield) of ur(your) given to us in high interests
0       2

by gopikrish2000

Usury Check-into-cash places are users
0       2

by msrn

usury-->wasuli(Hindi)->hafta wasuli or extortion.
0       2

by subhasish

Usury - They make you sorry for borrowing money from them.
0       1

by akshaynakra

usury - demanding 'surity' at a high price or US like 'surity'
0       0

by shalnew

because of usury the borrower cant pay back money in time which leads the lender to do USULY
0       1

by mit006


Short Definition : ideal place, state, or society; ADJ. utopian

(noun) a book written by Sir Thomas More (1516) describing the perfect society on an imaginary island
(noun) ideally perfect state; especially in its social and political and moral aspects
(noun) a work of fiction describing a utopia
(noun) an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
Synonyms : sion , zion

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for utopia

remember etheopia which is a country. consider it as an ideal place on earth for everyone.
10       4

by cp.jethani

u(you)-top-ia~aaye. ie aap class me top aaye, this is what u imagine.
9       1

by pulkitdave007

utopia = u-top-i-a = u-top(ideal/perfect)- i(iota in maths ie imaginary number)-a
4       0

by pulkitdave007

Utopia - If there is a utopia on earth, it lies within one's imagination.
1       3

by pushpa_edit

u top ia(yeah)... at top there is heaven and its an ideal place
1       0

by harsha00711

uTOPia...the city which is ideal will be on TOP in any ratings
1       0

by siddu


Short Definition : excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife; CF. uxor: wife

(adj) foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for uxorious

Anyone will be uxorious to a LUXURIOUS woman with BUXOM breasts.
19       1

by friendofafriend

Latin 'uxor' means wife and 'ous' means full of 2.uxoricide=killing of wife.uxor=wife , because of the pun, u (you) xor(in math=complement)=someone who complements
14       13

by Born2GRE

uxorious :U(you)+XORIsounds like JORU (wife) in hindi+OUS. so you are joru ka gulaam i.e excessively submissive or devoted to your wife
10       5

by cp.jethani

Uxorious and precious - The young man was so smitten (charmed) with his wife that he considered her as most precious to him. You could say he was uxurious.
4       2

by pushpa_edit

u+xo+rious= U+OX+RIGOROUS ...NW imagine a wife commanding her husband," U OX(xo), complete this work rigorously ..!!"
3       0

by vinaynitrkl

In UX film Bacchan was excessively devoted to Ravina Tondon
1       5

by ksameer_coep

The husband is dumb as an OX. When he is with his wife, he SOARS with pleasure. The OX SOARS with his wife.
1       0

by Jackery

according to newton's 3rd law, anyone who is uxorious will live his life luxurious...
0       1

by punit.1990

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