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Short Definition : tropical hurricane or cyclone

(noun) a tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for typhoon

in hindi it is "tuphaan" sounds similar with typhoon ...meaning is same
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by tannu_acumen

A TYPHOON in the MONSOON is a harsh tropical storm.
2       0

by pushpa_edit

no telephoon in typhoon
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by friendofafriend


Short Definition : oppression; cruel government; ADJ. tyrannical: of a tyrant or tyranny; despotic; V. tyrannize: treat tyrannically; oppress

(noun) a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
(noun) dominance through threat of punishment and violence
Synonyms : absolutism , despotism

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tyranny

TY + RANI ~ just to learn the word. After fucking his RANI, raja says TY(thank you) Rani and then fucks his janta
14       9

by friendofafriend

TYRANNY is the VILLANY of a wicked person. A Tyrant as is his villainous nature supresses the weak.
3       5

by pushpa_edit

Tyranny- A government by a Tyrant..keep it simple silly:)
1       1

by worldisunderme

The King commands "TIE (ty) THE RANI (ranny)". This shows the dominanance of the king over his wife ( the queen ).. (which is an offence)
1       1

by arulrs

thailand ke rani bohath cruel hai
1       0


the irani
0       1

by ritu1018

TY(The) Chambal ki RANI is authoritarian
0       2

by Rushabh22

tyranny ---ty ranny
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by jai ho


Short Definition : beginner; novice

(noun) someone new to a field or activity
Synonyms : beginner , initiate , novice , tiro

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tyro

tyro...sounds like try karo....a beginner TRYing to establish his buisness.
48       4

by preetisoni2411

TYRO and MAESTRO which are rhyming words have opposite meanings. Tyro refers to a learner while a Maestro is a master.
9       6

by pushpa_edit

typo, a newbie always make alotta mistakes (typo)
2       2

by usairforce1985

TYRO -change the R with P..a tryo(novice) will usually make a typo(mistake typing)
2       2

by meerz

Novice Gymgoers will soon get tyred of their old routines.
1       1

by memory man

TYRO -> TIGHT + ROPE...beginner TIGHTROPE walkers will die on the circus tightrope without more practice.
1       1

by dshefman

0       5

by s.ram

when i STARTED LEARNIG french i used to go to class sitting on a tyre...friends called me TYRO,later i bought a car.
0       0

by puncuz

a tyro tyrant
0       0

by roozbeh33

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