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Short Definition : become boring; grow tiresome

(noun) a sudden numbing dread
Synonyms : chill

(noun) burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped
(noun) hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
Synonyms : curtain , drape , drapery , mantle

(verb) become less interesting or attractive
Synonyms : dull

(verb) cause to lose courage
Example Sentence
  • dashed by the refusal

(verb) cover with a pall
(verb) cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing
Synonyms : cloy
Example Sentence
  • Too much spicy food cloyed his appetite

(verb) cause to become flat
Example Sentence
  • pall the beer

(verb) lose sparkle or bouquet
Synonyms : become flat , die
Example Sentence
  • wine and beer can pall

(verb) lose strength or effectiveness; become or appear boring, insipid, or tiresome (to)
Example Sentence
  • the course palled on her

(verb) lose interest or become bored with something or somebody
Synonyms : fatigue , jade , tire , weary
Example Sentence
  • I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pall

A Song from Lage Raho Munna Bhai "Pall Pall Pall Pall Har pal Har Pal Kaise katega pal" If you are bored then you say "Kaise Katega Pall Har Pall"
111       13

by j_h

Appall::- one is appalled by boring things.
10       16

by amit251285 your pals are becoming boring day per day.
6       23

by preetisoni2411

Alsoe Pale :: as something becomes plae after much use, a jocke beacomes Boring after u have heard it many times. tahts the meaning:: to become less interesting
4       9

by amit251285

pall = poll = the thing like indian election poll = boring and tiresome
4       1

by rajpt_007

when modern people listen to Pop Jon PALL's religious speech ,they get bored.
2       2

by gbspaithan

in appall we can see pall that means we get shocked by the news and daunt ourselves
0       0

by isabella swan

pall -means time and actually time becomes noticeable and lengthy when you are bored
0       0

by santosh pokhrel


Short Definition : small poor bed; Ex. straw pallet

(noun) the range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art
Synonyms : palette

(noun) a portable platform for storing or moving goods that are stacked on it
(noun) a hand tool with a flat blade used by potters for mixing and shaping clay
(noun) a mattress filled with straw or a pad made of quilts; used as a bed
(noun) board that provides a flat surface on which artists mix paints and the range of colors used
Synonyms : palette

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pallet

pal(PALANG)+let(LIE DOWN or latena) let as"late" in you lie on a bed...But the bed is pallid.
25       9

by nehaMD

Similar to palette. Palette has different colors. A poor bed is made of old clothes and hence is of different colors.
15       10

by garrulous

Pall means grow tired. Thus after feeling tired one sleeps on a bed. Thus pallet is a small bed.
3       1

by deepster89

How similar pallet with palonko(in bangla means cot). Pallet is not that much aristocratic like palonko rather poor as SMALL BED
2       2

by prosun

My hamster eats pellets (sounds like pallet) and sleeps on straw ( a poor bed).
0       1

by Pneumonoultra

remember the movie "PA".the word is pallet.sounds like pa hindi means pa let ja take rest but where,on a bed.but the bed is too poor.
0       0

by gdabli


Short Definition : ease pain (without curing); make less severe or offensive (a crime or illness)

(verb) lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
Synonyms : extenuate , mitigate
Example Sentence
  • The circumstances extenuate the crime

(verb) provide physical relief, as from pain
Synonyms : alleviate , assuage , relieve
Example Sentence
  • This pill will relieve your headaches

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for palliate

it can be like pale(faint coz of disease)+ate so eating the pain.i.e. reducing it.
41       9

by spidy123

26       5

by Sinduja

palli+ate.I was hungry,had pain in the stomach,so ate some palli(groundnut).It eased the pain but didn't cure it.
11       5

by winder

a friend = a PAL will ALLEVIATE your pain.
8       0

by Jackery

PALL+I+ATE..ease pain.. PALL means become borin.. u got bored of the pain..fed up of u ATE ease the pain..
2       7

by jc

pal(friend) + ate(lessen) >>> a friend always LESSEN OUR PAIN when it grows a lot
2       0

by RajeshBorkar

now here a latin root could help fix few words. Pallere means concealed. cloaked hence something which has become pale . u can find this root in words: palliate: to ease or cloak pain without curing. pall: become pale >less intresting after much
1       9

by amit251285

1       0

by ali_aj

Pall when sick I ate something and i felt better ... same will happen with you.
0       1

by anujpathania


Short Definition : pale; wan; Ex. pallid complexion

(adj) abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress
Synonyms : pale , wan
Example Sentence
  • the pallid face of the invalid
  • her wan face suddenly flushed

(adj) (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble
Synonyms : pale , sick , wan
Example Sentence
  • the pale light of a half moon
  • a pale sun
  • the late afternoon light coming through the el tracks fell in pale oblongs on the street
  • a pallid sky
  • the pale (or wan) stars
  • the wan light of dawn

(adj) lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness
Synonyms : pale
Example Sentence
  • a pale rendition of the aria
  • pale prose with the faint sweetness of lavender
  • a pallid performance

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pallid

pallid = pale + lid.(jus take the 1st four letters hence 'pale')
29       1

by arulmozhi

10       10

by userdce

Pal( marathi word forreptile found in house) is Pal? its yellow....
2       2

by nileshdive

in pallid u can smell the word id.we all know that in id of our clg or office we look so dull and pallid.
1       0

by isabella swan


Short Definition : conceal in the palm of the hand; palm off: pass off; Ex. palm off some bad oranges onto the lady/the painting as a real Renoir

(noun) the inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers
Synonyms : thenar

(noun) a linear unit based on the length or width of the human hand
(noun) any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves
Synonyms : palm tree

(noun) an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
(verb) touch, lift, or hold with the hands
Synonyms : handle
Example Sentence
  • Don't handle the merchandise

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for palm

palm off sell with the intention to anything we hold in the palm and cover it, it is meant to deceive people.....
8       1

by nehaMD


Short Definition : tangible; (of something bad) easily perceptible; obvious; Ex. palpable blunder

(adj) capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt
Synonyms : tangible
Example Sentence
  • a barely palpable dust
  • felt sudden anger in a palpable wave
  • the air was warm and close--palpable as cotton
  • a palpable lie

(adj) can be felt by palpation
Example Sentence
  • a palpable tumor

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for palpable

palpable..divide it like..PALP(SOUNDS LIKE PULP)+ABLE.....after touching the PULP of fruit ITS OBVIOUS THAT every one would be ABLE TO PERCEIVE whether THE FRUIT is fresh or not.
46       9

by preetisoni2411

PAL means a close PALPABLE...means we r able to touch or feel our pal even when he is not present
8       3

by nileshdive

palm:: so palpable means sth u can touch by palm.
6       6

by amit251285

word is taken from Latin palpare means to stroke in the feeling of love someone touch you, it will be PERCEPTIBLE OR TANGIBLE to you whether he is touching you in feeling of love or hatred.
1       5

by preetisoni2411

when your girlfriend "PAL" sits on your lap you feel something..
1       5

by nycmouli

pal pey bal...or pal pey balwaan. if some balwaan was sitting on ure pal, his pain would be tangible to you
0       0

by friendofafriend

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