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Short Definition : suffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food

(noun) a person suffering from indigestion
(adj) suffering from dyspepsia
(adj) irritable as if suffering from indigestion
Synonyms : atrabilious , bilious , liverish

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dyspeptic

dys (means not functioning properly) + peptic.. an ENZYME...WHICH BREAKS DOWN THE FOOD PARTICLES AND HELPS IN DIGESTION,...SO if this enzyme stops functioning..then the problem of INDIGESTION occures.
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by preetisoni2411

sounds like THIS PEPSI...I wont drink this pepsi because it may create indigestion to me.
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by userdce

Note that many of the words with roots from body organs mean irritable. Examples: splenetic, spleen, bilious, dyspeptic, livery, and liverish.
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by dshefman

dyspeptic = dys + peptic; dys ( means not) + peptic ( pepsin enzyme to help indigestion.
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by shaktipada

dy( dye= color filling) peptic= pepsi, U drank that dye pepsi, as a result u are suffering from indigestion.
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by vineethyoung

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