wince - Dictionary definition and meaning for word wince

(noun) the facial expression of sudden pain
(noun) a reflex response to sudden pain
Synonyms : flinch

(verb) draw back, as with fear or pain
Synonyms : cringe , flinch , funk , quail , recoil , shrink , squinch
Example Sentence
  • she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf

(verb) make a face indicating disgust or dislike
Example Sentence
  • She winced when she heard his pompous speech

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for wince

when opposite party WINS our faCES becomes wince
29       5

by hritupon

Wince and pinch sound somewhat winced when you were pinched.
13       4

by pushpa_edit

it is similarly to rinse ,rinse means drown up.So we will move back,or shrink because of fear.
8       4

by yasaswi

Remember Expressions of Vince McMahon from WWE...So like the vince ..Wince
2       3

by roger53

if vince mc man attacks u, u shrink
0       3

by friendofafriend

when press people try to come close to PRINCE william.he WINCED.
0       3

by pragati_gupta

wince:- win becomes cement i.e it becomes tough.
0       3

by shaktipada

Think past tense of win is wince, now the win at past becomes discolour.
0       2

by shaktipada

win ce win position of chief engg u have to move back suddenly
0       1

by jai ho

rinse you will move back in sudden fear on soap may fall in eyes
0       0

by sansecretcp

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